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One-stop intelligent hardware products provider, Starting from the cloud to empower the smart home products matrix.

  • Founded in California, 2002.
  • Introducted Remote Internte Monitoring DVR in 2004.
  • Established H.265 at CCTV Industry in 2007.
  • Become full D1 technology leader in 2011.
  • Started growth with Online retailers and made partnership with other companies in 2016.
  • Growth with several offline distributers in 2018.
  • Growing up with new products and new features in 2020.
  • Brand introduced several devices with new technology and features for your safety and easy us in 2022.
  • Create the ultimate user experience for smart homes in 2022.

We have some great new product introductions planned for the coming months,

so look for some exciting announcements, coming soon.