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Can security cameras be used to monitor staff?

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Security cameras are everywhere you go these days. They are expected in stores, malls, banks, parking lots and even restaurants. They are even on the streets in the form of monitoring traffic. However, what about restaurants? Not so much. However, security cameras and their benefits continue being adopted; they are heading towards working places slowly. Companies are beginning to consider using CCTV cameras to safeguard property and improve on safety.

Can security cameras be used to monitor staff?

Therefore a question like can security cameras be used to monitor staff is very common today.  A simple answer to that question is yes under special conditions. The use of security cameras in the workplace for reasons like preventing theft and security is permissible in the working environment. In the event that it entails monitoring staff then they have to notify. Notification is necessary since there are certain situations in the workplace where the use of security cameras is not allowed at all.  For instance, security cameras cannot be used in the event that there are union activities. The monitoring of staff depends on the states and country lawson the use of CCTV cameras. In some countries, there is a limitation on how and where the cameras can be used.

Video surveillance and the law

The law is very strict on the issue of using video surveillance to monitor employees.  Any employer that decides to monitor employees with surveillance cameras must have a legitimate reason to do so. The privacy laws have a strict specification that determines the extent to which video monitoring is lawful and legitimate. However, most of the laws limit surveillance in places like restrooms, break rooms and other areas where the staff should be accorded some privacy.

In retail stores, banks and restaurants where there is a vulnerability of theft security cameras are always used to monitor the interaction n between the public and employees. In such situations, the legitimate reason is preventing theft. When it comes to interactions between employees and other employees, employers usually lack a legitimate reason to prove the need for monitoring. Recording sound is however entirely rejected in the working place. For whatever reason the workers have to know, they are being monitored.

When you need to monitor staff

As said earlier you can monitor staff if your employees know they are being monitored. Moreover, there are critical areas that should always be considered when monitoring employees. First, as you think of monitoring employees make sure that your actions do not jeopardize with the trust between you and your staff. Second, telling employees about being monitored is just one aspect; the main aspect of informing is ensuring that you get their permission. Usually, written consent is important for legal purposes. Lastly, make sure you explain to your employees why you are monitoring them. It would be important for employees to know and understand the exact reasons for having the cameras around. Theft and protection are only some of the reasons for CCTV cameras. Employers also use CCTV cameras, to monitor the productivity of their employees and to ensure that safety regulations are followed. In institutions that deal with finances, monitoring is used to ensure that the services compliant with regulations.

Can security cameras be used to monitor staff?

Other reasons include ensuring the employees do not break the company policies. Employers use security cameras to ensure the protection of business interests. In service delivery, CCTV cameras can be sued to ensure customers get quality service. The cameras would also be used to identify training needs and assess the ways in which the employers can improve customer service and the productivity of their employees. Another good reason for using CCTV is minimizing the chances of misappropriation of business property. This would mostly apply to communication where monitoring ensures that all activities pertaining to company resources are only relevant to business and not for personal use.

Secret CCTV

Do not attempt to use secret CCTV for any reason whatsoever unless in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional Circumstances include when you think the welfare of employees is in jeopardy mostly because of physical injury, abuse in the workplace or serious crime. Here CCTV footage may be required to prove the harm or abuse. Even when there are such situations, employers must still exercise caution and keeps ad documentation explaining how they came up to that decision. An employer should always consult the relevant authorities in case there is a need for a secret CCTV. The consultations will ensure that the employer is held accountable in that they were looking out for the best interest of their employees.

With the increase in the use of security cameras, chances are ever time you step out of your door you are being monitored. Being monitored is both scary and the effect that should calm you down. It calms you down because you know security is assured and yet scary because privacy is limited these days. In most situations, people are unaware of the security cameras. In business premises, however, the law requires that people have consent. Therefore, if you are employer make use of the notice. Notice your employees of when there would be monitored and the specific places where they would be monitored. If you are, an employee is sure to know when you are being monitored and the exact reasons why it has to be so. Keep in mind that your privacy remains important to you.

Ready to install security cameras

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