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Can security cameras see in the dark?

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That is a very nice doubt. First, consider this; surely, you have seen television programs with night vision images. You have probably seen these images in black and white and sometimes in green colors. Therefore, clearly, you already have an answer to that question, maybe. If you still have no clue what we are talking about then reading through this article will give you the right knowledge that you seek.

In answering the question, not all security cameras have the same features. Companies that create security cameras do not create them equally. Therefore one camera might see in the dark while another might not. Selecting a surveillance camera is no longer as simple as picking and installing as the buyers look into more aspects like the quality of the images. Because of technology, surveillance cameras can as well see in the dark if they have night vision the difference only comes with the quality of the images while in night vision. One of the top concerns of Qsee professionals is ensuring that End users like you get quality cameras that can function in different light conditions. Our professionals work round the clock to ensure our cameras night vision mode produce unmatchable images in terms of quality. We focus on quality because we understand the security concerns of our clients. We know how important it is, to have a surveillance system that keeps working even when the sun has gone down.

How they work

Can security cameras see in the dark?

Security cameras need light for them to capture images. During the day there is enough light for the cameras to capture a high-resolution image at full color. The image resolution is mostly because during daytime the lighting conditions are perfect for any camera to produce a quality image. During the night, the lighting conditions are different.  For the security cameras to produce a good quality image, they will then require some source of lighting.

Since most CCTV cameras are used in covert operations infrared light is used at night to enable the capturing of images. The security cameras would be fitted with infrared cut filters, which produce invisible light at night. The infrared light is only invisible to people but the camera catches the light pretty well. With the light, the camera will capture images in black and white, which are clear enough to be useful.

In situations where CCTV cameras are used in non-covert operations, external lighting can be used to enable the cameras to capture clear images at night. In such situations, the cameras do not see in the dark since powerful lights will be used together with the cameras to ensure they capture quality images.

The level of light

Can security cameras see in the dark?

Security cameras usually have one universal feature, which is the LUX number. The lux number shows lux illumination. By way of defining, lux illuminations refer to the measurement of how much light falls on an object in metric. 1 lux, therefore, refers to light that would fall on a square meter area away from the light source. Therefore, 0.1m lux is notable, as it would produce very clear images. The lux is normally indicated among the specs of night vision security cameras or in the user manuals for the cameras. From the information above about Lux, a great tip for choosing surveillance cameras with night vision is considering one that has the lowest lux numbers. These cameras would give a better quality of an image with the lowest lighting.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is the rarest form of night vision cameras. It is mostly used in the military; government building has recently started being used in high-end places. The thermal imaging technology work on the principle that an object’s temperature enables it to radiate infrared energy. The camera therefore only depends on temperature and not light in capturing the image. When an object radiates a lot, of heat, the infrared energy would be higher and the camera would capture its image. The color of the image would depend on the temperature of the image. When the image is cold, the camera would capture a black image and when the temperature of the object is too hot, the camera would capture a white. Since the cameras only operate based on temperature, they can capture images at very great images compared to normal cameras.

In conclusion, criminals are different in terms of their IQ levels. They have different strategies for doing their business due to their different intelligence levels. Some techniques always leave people thinking that the criminals were very smart. The question of whether security cameras can see in the dark arises from the fact that most if not all criminals would not dare break into a facility in broad daylight when there are lights everywhere. They prefer at night where darkness offers cover that facilitates their activities and gives them a better chance to escape. Criminals know too well that most facility surveillance cameras are meant to work well during the day than at night. Since extreme darkness will reduce the level of performance for the security cameras

Security consultant’s advice that the best way to deal with criminal activities at night is considering lighting options. Evidently, lighting is effective but its cost is high sometimes. Moreover, there are areas where lighting can be obstructed making the lighting system impractical. Security cameras are the best way to deal with the issue of lighting only if they can capture images at night well. If a person is able to get a camera that clearly captures images at night then they can consider their security problems solved.

Of all the options listed above, none has been satisfactory in providing better images at night. Only thermal imaging shows promising results especially since it can capture images at great distances. The future of night vision may, therefore, include thermal imaging being adapted in most settings. In whatever option increased security is of utmost importance to every individual except for the owner perpetrating crime. For more information, concerning cameras and the specific qualities you can visit the Qsee website to get the best options plus guidance.


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