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Can security cameras see license plates?

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Security can see license plates it all depends on the specific features that a camera has. There are many types of security cameras today most of which can read the license plates. However, for the normal security cameras, reading license plates is very difficult sometimes it may be impossible since it depends on the distance between the plate and the camera and a combination of other features. Today, there are specialized security cameras whose sole purpose is to read the license plates. These cameras had software and hardware features that enable them to outdo the challenges presented by traffic and accurately read license plates. These cameras are called License plate cameras.

Can security cameras see license plates?

The main reason why people get security cameras is to enable identify invaders whether at home or on business premises. The worst risk of anyone is usually walking in on someone stealing your valuables and the person taking off without you seeing their faces. Usually finding the criminals in some situations is easy when a person saw someone’s face or car and can easily describe them to the policy. However, what if a burglary happens where the culprits were wearing masks and it happened so fast they drove off?

In such scary situations capturing license plates becomes the only key to identifying criminals. If the culprits were using a vehicle, chances are they have driven past your home, business, or they have just parked their vehicle outside you building while doing the act. That means there is usually a chance to capture the plate number. However, even when there is a chance to capture the footage, most of the time the footage is not useful as the license plate number cannot be read. The lack of license plate numbers in the footage is usually because of several factors that affect the footage.

The camera features

There is always a chance that if your camera has the right features then you can get the license plate numbers. Even though there are specialized security cameras for license plate capture, these cameras are mostly used in traffic surveillance. When it comes to home cameras and even businesses, a simple camera with good features should capture the images pretty well. This is mostly because in such situations the vehicles either may be moving slowly or may just be packed making it easy for the camera to read the license plate numbers.

A camera with features like a high viewing angle would do just fine in capturing the license plates. The viewing angle usually increases the chances of the camera catching the license plate number; another very important factor is night vision. Night vision helps in getting the license plate numbers in different lighting conditions. Since it is in your home or in business buildings, there may not be a need to considered very expensive cameras with the ability to capture the plates of vehicles moving at high speeds like 70 MPH. Another important feature is the resolution. The cameras with the best resolution will most likely do the job well compared to those without a good resolution.

Position of the camera

Just like any camera capturing an image, camera placement is very important in capturing the very trivial images. If you are very concerned about license plate numbers, you might want to start considering how you have placed your cameras. The cameras should be almost parallel to the height of vehicles to give them a better chance of capturing license plates. The front plates may be hard to capture due to the infrared sensor that reflects light off the plate. That means sunlight is enough to make the image white and useless. Even though the back plates may be easy to read, they are also susceptible to being whitened by sunlight. Therefore, you should consider placing the cameras at a 45-degree angle to increase chances of capturing the image.

Can security cameras see license plates?

Get the software

It all depends with how much security risk you are in. if you are very serious about license plates; you should consider getting license plate software and connecting your camera to it for better results. Thanks to computer technology, the apps are very easy to use and may improve on convenience when it comes to capturing license plate numbers. You can start by setting up the software to always alert you on your phone or PC whenever there is a foreign license plate detected. The software is especially handy if you have witnessed several break-ins and you want to deal with the issue as soon as possible. The software will save you a bunch as immediately you detect the foreign plate you can report to the police. It would save time that would have been spent going through videos to discover the license numbers. The best part about using the applications is that most of them are completely free.

Getting the right camera

As said earlier the features of the camera will determine how useful it would be in getting license plate numbers. At Qsee, we are dedicated to producing decent and dedicated cameras, which do the job well for our clients. For this task, I would recommend you to check any of our cameras at the Qsee website. Even though our cameras are not specifically made to capture license plates, feel free to check out on the 4K and 3K cameras, which have very good features that can enable them capture high quality images, which may include license plate numbers. Consider the number that has high-quality images to ensure that you get the best cameras that fit the job.

Better security

Things often happen very quickly and situations like invasion and burglary always find people unprepared.  For that reason have the best security cameras with good features is handy. Apart from license plates, there are other details, which cameras can help in identifying the culprits, face recognition, for example, is still important. Consider getting professional security cameras from Qsee Company. You can make an online purchase and be sure to check the current deals.


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