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Do security cameras record audio?

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Facing the facts straight on, security cameras are everywhere. As security becomes a concern, the adoption of security cameras is a good deal to tighten security measures. Most security cameras only record videos and people are left to wonder if the cameras can record audio? So if your question is simply, do security cameras record audio? The answer is simple, yes. We live in a technologically developed world where almost anything is possible. Most cameras have audio recordings but choosing to apply the audio recording or not, are the issue.


Do security cameras record audio?


Audio recording

In our CCTV world, there are two types of cameras used for surveillance. There is the IP CCTV and the analog CCTV and both can record audio pretty well. The cameras used in a system determine the manner in which sound will be recorded and later replayed.


In an IP system, there is an audio input in the IP camera. The audio input is thus fed straight into the camera. In this system, video transmission between the microphone and the camera is analog. Digitalization of the transmission happens only when the audio hits the camera level. After digitization, the camera would then send a digital signal transmission for playback to the NVR. The IP CCTV system can accommodate several microphones depending on the number of cameras in the system. If the system has five channels, the system will, therefore, accommodate five cameras if there is need.

Analog CCTV

The analog CCTV is quite different since the audio input does not go through digitization first. Here, the audio will be directly connected to DVR. The DVR is thus tasked with receiving the analog signal and digitizing it. Similar to the IP CCTV camera, the analog system will have as many microphones as there are cameras in the system.

From all of the above information, the only question that still lingers in one’s mind is why it is that security camera, do not record sound? One of the main reasons is probably legal issues but still, there are other valid reasons as to why it Better not to record audio.

Recording audios

With security cameras everywhere, chances are, most of the times people are caught on camera. Being caught in a video is not an issue to many but people would often ask if their conversation was recorded. Recording someone’s voice without his or her consent is worrisome. It is often preferred that a person gives their explicit permission before recording their voice using a security camera.

Legal issues

Privacy laws of audio recording range from place to place and country to country. Therefore, when installing CCTV cameras it is only right to consider these laws. Getting on the right side with the law is probably an important factor to consider as one tightens security. The privacy laws regarding audio recording have been in existence ever since the times of the telephone.

In most cases, the audio is useless


Do security cameras record audio?


Let us say, you have a system of surveillance cameras on a 10-story building to record the activities in a park nearby, why would you install the audio microphones? It is quite clear that you would be wasting while recording whoosh sounds and the sounds of vehicles passing by. Frankly, you cannot get a clear conversation from such a great distance. Even in Security cameras installed indoors, the audio recording is still rarely used. The conversations would only be clear when the people in the room are close to the cameras. Beyond a few feet, the audio recorded would be unsatisfyingly muddy and useless. The only time when the security cameras can get quality sound is when they are in customer service areas and usually the microphone would be mounted closer to the people. However, even with that, the quality of the audio can sometimes be poor and it would not just be right to use the audios.

Audio range

At this point, the next question that might be lingering through your mind is what is the audio range of the cameras? Like in any other electronic devices, the specific features of security cameras differ with different brands and companies. Therefore, the quality of the cameras and the audio range will also differ according to the brands. If recording audio is your main concern, you should, therefore, consider a brand that has the best quality security cameras in the first place.

An important shopping tip to consider if you are looking for security cameras with audio is going for reputable brands with a high customer base. With these brands, you are likely to enjoy high reviews that would give you a starting point of what to consider when picking the security camera. A good company will have samples of videos with voice recordings for reference to judge the audio quality.

Lucky for you, Qsee is one of those reputable companies with unique high-quality cameras. Our cameras can record quality audio that can reach 6 meters from the cameras. The digitization process ensures that the voice is clear enough for the audio to remain useful.

Turning off the audio recording

What if you need to turn it off?  We understand that the audio recording might be done in specific situations and not in others. Thanks to technology again, you the control of your security camera on your fingertips. Please log in to your camera's software using a smart device like phone and PC and switch it off as simple as that. Next time you need it one follow the same steps and turn it on

While reading this article you have probably found some tips useful and all your questions answered. The bottom line is technology allows security cameras to have audios. You should consider using audios only when you need them and ensure you are not going against the privacy laws in your areas. Moreover, you are free to explore the options in video recording and audio recording. Remember, when you choose a brand to choose Qsee.


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