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With a burglary in the United States occurring almost every 18 seconds, home security is an issue you have to take seriously. As a new homeowner, the big question is whether you will have the best home security practices right after you move into your property, or wait until a burglary occurs to expose your security weaknesses.
The excitement that comes with owning a new home can at times be so overwhelming. In this state, most homeowners fail to notice even the most obvious home security mistakes that may put their homes exposed to burglary.

What to avoid?

Home security

In this guide, we are going to show you five home security mistakes to avoid as a new homeowner that will help you keep your home safe from any kind of security threat. Below are the five mistakes you
should avoid;

1. Failure to Lock Your Doors and Windows.

 The easiest way for any burglar to gain access into your house is through an open door or window and statistics have the numbers at 30 percent. Criminals are opportunistic and your open door could just be exactly what they need for the intended crime.

Always remember to lock your doors, sometimes even when you are inside the house or when you intend to be out just for a while. Most burglaries take less than ten minutes and so taking your dog out for a walk might just give the criminal enough time to steal our valuables.
Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it is daytime and so no one would try to intrude your home. In fact, statistics show that most burglaries are carried out between 10 am and 3 pm since most people are at work or school making most burglars go unnoticed.

2. Hiding Keys in Obvious Places.


When you ask people where they would hide their keys, you can never miss the doormat, fake rock, and the flower pot. Whereas these places might have served you well in the past, they are no longer safe options for hiding your keys. If your kid or a visitor can find it, be sure a burglar will find it too.
You might, however, be bad at keeping your keys with you, and you definitely don’t want to be locked out of your house because you lost your keys. This should not worry you. you can install smart locks on your doors or windows that are linked to an app so you can lock or unlock them remotely.

3. Making it Obvious that You are Not Around

Most burglaries take place when the homeowner is not around. So, owners make their absence too obvious to anyone and as such making their homes a target for burglars.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid;
  •  Avoid sharing those social media travel posts. Not everyone on your social media profile is a friend, your travel post might just be the key a burglar among your ‘friends’ needs. If posting about your trip is so important to you, it will be safer and wiser to post after the trip.
  •  Don’t let your mailbox get piled up with newspapers andemails. You can always arrange with your trusted neighbor to collect them in your period of absence.
  •  Keeping your lights on or off while you are away. Suppose a burglar plans to break into your home, they might have taken some time to study your routine. Whenever anything changes, they will realize you are not around. To avoid this, you can have smart lights that are linked to an app so you can schedule when to turn your lights on or off remotely at the same time you would do when at home.


4. Failure to Hide Your Valuables.

When you leave your high-value items in plain sight, you are simply asking for trouble. Research shows that once inside, burglars usually head straight to the master bedroom. While inside, they scavenge for lightweight portable items in drawers, closets and even under mattresses. Some of the valuables they
look for include jewelry, expensive electronics, cash, and weapons.
To avoid such misfortunes, you should always keep the high-value items in places hard for the burglars to reach. You can as well get yourself a good safe that is bolted to the floor to keep the valuables in. Sometimes homeowners also welcome burglars into their homes by displaying their valuables on social media. Not everything is worth sharing on your social media.

5. Relying on a Single Security System

 It takes more than one security system to thwart burglary attempts. You should always strive to have a comprehensive security system installed in your new home.

Other than having security lights alone, you can also install security cameras (preferably those that support night vision), motion detectors, glass break detectors, smart locks among other systems that trigger an alarm in case of any impending security threat.
It would also be a mistake for you to prevent your home from burglaries only and forget other security threats. Having heat detectors installed in your new home will keep your property safe from fires. One More Thing Apart from noting the above home security mistakes and avoiding them, as a new homeowner, you
should interact with your neighbors.
Remember that you have just moved in and might not know the area so well. Interacting with the neighbors will help you get to know them, the state of security in the area and even have someone to look out for you when you are not around.
You may also have grown in the area and known it so well, but as a new homeowner, you can still interact with your neighbor and benchmark their security systems and make yours even better.
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Being a new homeowner might come with many challenges. Home security should never be one of them. It took you a lot of time, money and effort to establish your new home and it is only fair that you keep it safe so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. By avoiding the above mistakes most new homeowners make, you will keep your new home safe from any kind of security threats.

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