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How are security cameras wired?

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If you are thinking of investing in a wired security camera then it is best to understand how they are wired. Quite frankly the set up in a wired security system is quite challenging. However, the advantages of using the system are worth the struggle. Installing the system by you may be challenging hence you might need a friend or just get professional help.

 How are security cameras wired?

In understanding how security cameras are wired the most important aspect is how everything is connected. In any wired system, there is a set of cameras, a DVR box and a set f wires for the connection. The Cameras record videos while the DVR box is used for the user interface where managing the system and storing the video footage is made possible.  From such, it is quite clear that all the cameras have to be connected to the DVR using a cable. The cables may be different depending on the system. For a digital system, an Ethernet cable will be used for the connection. In the digital system, the Ethernet cable is referred to as power over Ethernet where it performs the role of transferring videos while at the same time powering the system.  For an analog system, there would be two cables where one will be for power and the other for the video transmissions. The difference in the systems is that one will have fewer cables than the other.

Advantages of wired systems

The wired security systems are probably the most traditional surveillance systems and are most preferred in large properties. Even though more people are considered wireless systems, the wired systems still remain the best options for surveillance due to the benefits attached to them.

People often prefer wired systems because of reliability.  They are reliable in the sense that they cannot be interfered by wireless signals. The physical connection of the system gives it an advantage from interference.

A primary factor that makes anyone go for wired systems is that they can be used in large properties. Therefore when considering the choice between a wired and wireless system, you should consider the number of cameras that you need in your system. If you need two or one cameras to monitor only a specific area then you can go for a wireless system. If you need more than four cameras then the best option would be a wired system. Wired systemic are able to support from 4 to 16 cameras and facilitate the connection of all the cameras the footage will then be stored in an NVR or DVR recorder.

Another advantage of the wired security system is that they are the best options for long-term or permanent security solutions. It is good for business owners and homeowners who need a long-lasting security reason. Installing a wired system are long processes that will most of the time requiring a professional. The installations entail the use of running cables and mounting in different places. Access to power outlets as well as the available devices will always be considered as an important aspect of installation. The owner has to ensure they identify the specific locations that need surveillance, and the wiring has to be done right for the first time. Once the system has been installed, moving the cameras will be another work in itself as the cables will have to be rerun again.  For such reasons, the installation process is often time-consuming. For people looking for flexible and easy to install security systems, then the wireless system is, most preferred.

Disadvantages of the wired systems

One of the disadvantages associated with wired systems is the installation process. The process is often too long and complicated. That means it is time-consuming and you might need help from an expert. Therefore there is the risk of additional installation costs.

How are security cameras wired?

The wired security systems are also dependant on the power outlets that means that a power outage will disable the whole system. Therefore if there is no power in your home or in your business, your security system will also be unavailable making you susceptible to a break in. in remote areas, the power problem should always be mitigated by the use of a backup generator to ensure maximum security.

A major concern with wired systems is that exposed wires are a security threat on their own. People with harmful intentions would not need to go through a difficult process to access your house or business undetected. All they would need to do is to cut the right wired and the whole system would be done.  Burglars are known to cut the wires or disconnect and the whole process of having a security system would become useless.

The problem with exposed wires is not only to burglars and robbers but to element too.  Some type of sires may fall victim to the elements such as harsh weather conditions. When exposed for too long they may become dysfunctional and call for a change of wires. Thus there is still an additional cost for maintaining the system.

Most importantly before choosing a security system, emulate your security needs and your current security situation.  Look at the size of your property and the number of cameras that would be required to fully cover your security needs.  If you are not sure of where to get started you can consider getting help from our professionals who are always available for all your home and business security concerns. At Qsee our staff is dedicated to serving our customers. You will also get additional help in choosing the best camera from our wide collection of wired and wireless systems.

We all know that you value safety and security. From the information provided above, we hope that it would help you make the right choice when considering the right security system for your home or business. This article provides clarity on wired systems to help you as a property owner make the right decision that would help you solve your security concerns.


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