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How Does a Security System Fit Into a Smart Home?

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How Does a Security System Fit Into a Smart Home?

Smart homes go beyond wireless networks and the latest devices. It’s more than controlling most of the features of your home with one touch of a button. It’s more than the network of connecting everything, from lights to lawnmowers, to make life easier and more efficient.

So how does a security system fit into a smart home? The answer is simple. A smart home is not just smart—it is protected. And a great security system will complete and transform your house into a true smart home.

Smart and secure 

The best security systems today make a smart home even smarter. These security devices can coexist alongside your existing smart devices so you can control everything with the push of a button. Did you forget to turn the lights off on your way out of the house? Did you forget to lock the doors? Through apps, you can access your home’s security system to make sure your home is secure while you are away. This definitely takes convenience and safety to a whole new level.

The best smart home security systems

What are the components that make a home security system smart?

  • Integration and customization – The best smart home security systems available come with seamless customization features to let you tweak settings as you see fit. You can even make rules of your own! You can customize your smart home security system via a mobile app, letting you control everything with a simple tap of a finger.

    The smart home security systems of today can also be integrated with other apps, making it even more convenient and efficient to use.
  • Expanded storage options – Standard storage options include a solid-state drive and the SD card, but you now have the option to have footage uploaded to your Cloud storage. With this, you can access security footage whenever you want.

Explore your smart home security options with our BNC HD kits

Here at Q-See, we offer an impressive array of smart home security systems that will guarantee high-definition footage and surveillance. Whether you’re a newbie in surveillance or a seasoned veteran, our offerings will guarantee you and your family’s safety at home. Check out some of our stuff!

  1. 8-Channel HD Security System with 8 HD 720P Security Cameras – This BNC HD kit allows you to monitor your home or your workplace with 8 high-definition cameras that provide clear images. You can connect this security kit to your smartphone or tablet to regularly check on your home whenever and wherever.

    The kit includes a Western Digital purple surveillance storage drive, where you can record, store, and access all the security footage without any hitch.
  2. 16-Channel HD Security System with 8 HD 720P Security Cameras – Featuring twice the number of cameras included in our 8-Channel HD security system, this kit comes with a set of cameras that provide clarity and an enterprise-ready system. Check your home or workplace once in a while through the kit’s partner mobile app by watching previously recorded videos or accessing the live camera video. Use this indoors to monitor your home or outdoors to extensively safeguard your property from any external threats.

Browse our shop to learn more about our smart home security systems. For additional information and support, call us at 1-877-998-3440.

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