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How many security cameras do I need?

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It is good news that security cameras are affordable and thus gaining a lot of popularity in residential spaces and homes. Undoubtedly it is a great idea to invest in security cameras but during installation, you need to be smart as a homeowner or business owner. A camera system with many cameras may be too expensive, but then a similar system with fewer cameras might leave important areas unsecured.

How many security cameras do I need?

Essentially, one can never have too many cameras but you can definitely have too few cameras. The more cameras that you choose to install the more coverage you have and consequently the more secure you get.  The most important aspect is ensuring that the most vulnerable areas of your home are covered.

By now you might have already guessed that the number of cameras you need depends on the variables in your business or home. Consider questions like how big is your home? How many entryways and windows does it have? Where your house or business located is it in the middle of town or upcountry? There can never be a one size fits all response for the number of cameras you need. The only fit answer entails breaking down on the locations that would mostly need coverage. From there you can determine your home needs and determine the number of cameras you need.

So once again how many cameras do you think you need 1? 3? 6? 10? Or 16? No one can tell accurately but fast consider the following aspects then you can start from there

Where you need the cameras

People have different areas where they might need security cameras. For others, it may be spacious areas such as the yard or a hall, while in others it is a small enclosed space such as an office. In some instances, just one camera may be enough to cover the whole area. For instance in your kitchen or living room, one is enough. So basically all of the areas where you need cameras only one would be enough in that specific area. The best way to decide the number of cameras that you need is by listing down all the vulnerable areas and then counting them and you will roughly have an idea on how many you need.

How many security cameras do I need?

In any typical home, some of the areas commonly considered include entryways such as doors and windows, the yard or front garden, high traffic points, children’s rooms, the stairways, the living room and areas where important assets are placed. In business, the most preferred areas include the high-interest areas, entry and exit points, the lift, transaction points, and high traffic areas. In both home and business, a secondary building such as a garage is also considered for the installation of the cameras. Areas that lead to the premises such as a driveway. When you consider all the above areas plus any other area that is important to you, you will definitely have the most correct answer on the number of cameras you need. You might not need security cameras in all the places but you to be smart enough to consider the most vulnerable points.

Why you need the security system

The most obvious answer to this question is probably for security purposes. However, there're many varied reasons as to why people may need surveillance cameras. Mostly the more important your valuables are then the higher the number of cameras and the quality of the system. In most situations, people need cameras for the following reasons

Deterrent: Most businesses and homes need cameras for protection against theft, burglary, and invasions. Thus you will need to place cameras in places where malicious people can access your premises. The cameras are often placed strategically to capture all activities of invaders and sometimes to let people know that they are being watched. While sometimes the cameras may be hidden, most of the time they are placed in areas where anyone can easily see them and refrain from malice.

Evidence: This is another obvious reason where security cameras are placed to save videos for future use. Maybe there is a dispute that needs to be solved or there was theft and people need to identify a suspect. The cameras would be strategically placed to ensure every activity within areas is captured and stored.

Live streaming: Today, cameras are often controlled remotely from mobile phones and laptops. This is where the homeowner or business owner needs to know what is happening without necessarily being there. The cameras would then be placed in areas where most activity takes place so that you can stream live what is happening in your business.

Alerts: These cameras are mainly placed outside the home and have motion detectors. When cameras are placed for alerts their main function is detecting the movements outside or inside a building and then alarming you when your attention is required. These cameras may not be many considering only one alert are needed to get the attention of the homeowner. Most of the time the cameras need for alerts is only one that is usually placed at the main entry points

Which type of cameras would you buy?

Depending on the type of cameras you can be assured of quality and smooth running. Some cameras systems can work well with fewer cameras while some systems can work with more cameras. Therefore the number of cameras you need might also be dependent on the type of cameras system you choose. For instance, wireless cameras operate best when they are few in the system while the wired cameras nay support more cameras and still function pretty well. There are also other types of cameras like infrared, analog IP and so much more.

From the above, I am sure that most of your questions have been answered. But if you still have more questions, feel free to visit Qsee form more help. At Qsee we would also be happy to help with our wide range of quality cameras.


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