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Magic Moments Caught on Surveillance Cameras

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Magic Moments of Dogs and Cats  Caught on Surveillance Cameras

We install surveillance cameras in our homes and workplaces to monitor activity and deter theft, but once in a while, these pieces of technology record things that are funny, amusing or sometimes, even heart warming. Here are some of the finest examples we found floating in the Internet. 

  1. The Boy Who Sneaked Into His Neighbor’s Garage

Hollie Mallet was reviewing video footage from a security camera she placed in her garage when she found something out of the ordinary. A little boy from the neighborhood named Josh sneaked into her garage to give her dog a loving hug.

“We had noticed once or twice the little boy would stop at the end of the driveway and he would bring a ball and throw it to her,” Hollie shared in an interview with ABC News.

“One day, we were going through the footage, and I told my husband, ‘You’ve got to see this,’ and he [Josh] came in and gave him a quick hug, and we wanted to find out who he was.”

Soon enough, the video went viral until Holly met Josh. Since then, Josh has been stopping by to play with her dog. “It’s a win-win situation,” Holly told ABC News.

  1. The Great Doggy Escape

It’s always been a mystery to the owners of this home how their pet pooch gets to the gate-barred living room. Caught by a Canary camera their son bought and installed, the homeowners finally found out just how persevering the dog was just to get to the other side. An ingenious trick? Not really, but you’ll admire this fur ball all the same.

  1. The Guy Who Failed at Break Dancing

Don’t try this at home! A security camera mounted on a workplace recorded a video of one man attempting to pull a break dancing stunt while sitting on an a chair? It would’ve been impressive if he were successful, but alas to say, he slipped and fell. The guy he was trying to impress (who was sitting behind a desk) was amused, however, and the two shared a laugh all because of the silly antic.

  1. Baby’s First Steps

    There’s nothing quite like rearing a child, so parents, as much as possible, always want to document their kid’s major achievements. Of course, we don’t always get to record the moment. Thanks to this Canary camera placed in the living room, this family managed to capture the youngest family member’s first steps on video.
  2. The Guy Who Forgot to Park His Car Properly

    Let this be a lesson to all drivers out there—don’t just get out of your car in a hurry, even if you think you’ll be back soon. Park it properly, or face the consequences in a funny way. This man caught on tape drove his car into the driveway, got out of in a jiffy and even left the car door open. While he was away, the car started to move on its own and almost hit the road. Thank goodness the owner was fast!
  3. Oops! Sorry I Stole Your Chair

Kids can wreak havoc in the workplace. Sometimes they cause headache, while sometimes they can be the source of some good laughs, just like in this video. Starting at the 1:15, you’ll see an older man stand up from his chair to work on something in his desk. While busy, a kid enters the room, sits on the chair, and glides to the refrigerator. What happened next caused a rather unpleasant landing on the floor and, of course, plenty of laughter from the two stars of the footage.

These videos are totally accidental in nature. Just goes to show you will never really know what you’ll find once you check the footage your surveillance system recorded.




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