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Unconventional Uses for Home Surveillance Systems

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Home Surveillance Systems

Everyone knows a home security surveillance system is an excellent deterrent to illegal activity on your property. All things being equal, burglars are far more likely to pass by a property with obvious security in place—and move on to more vulnerable targets. To be sure, a security surveillance system is a crucial line of defense against criminal activity. But creative homeowners have come up with any number of alternative uses for their home surveillance systems. Today’s cameras deliver far sharper, more detailed imagery than ever before—in full color. The ability to stream feeds wirelessly—and monitor video feeds from virtually anywhere—also makes it far more convenient to keep tabs on things at home. Monitoring one’s perimeter is logical. But why stop there? Some people take advantage of remote, real-time, wireless monitoring of their feeds to keep an eye on pets left home alone. One woman described finding random items of clothing all over the house when she returned home after work. Unsure whether to blame (and attempt to discipline) the cat or the dog, she installed interior cameras and monitored her pets’ daily activities. In this instance, she was able to catch the cat red-pawed. While it may be impossible to discipline a cat, at least she knew she wouldn’t need to scold the dog unnecessarily. Some homeowners use modern video surveillance as a high-tech baby monitor. Old-fashioned audio-only monitors are indispensable tools of modern parenting. But imagine how much better you might rest, knowing you could keep a watchful eye on baby at all hours of the day or night—no matter where in the world you happened to be. (And some cameras allow for optional audio capability). Still other owners report using home surveillance equipment to investigate mysterious incidents involving local kids or neighbors, who may decide to trespass when they think you’re away. Got a pool? Keep it secure with remote surveillance. Tools disappearing from your garage? Patient surveillance may reveal the culprit. As you can see, inventive homeowners find all sorts of creative uses for security cameras from Q-See.

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