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What is security camera POE?

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Well, what is with the hype with POE security a camera? What are they in the first place? These are questions that most people are asking themselves as the use of POE cameras is steadily increasing. They are the newest security cameras solution and everyone seems to be going for them. As the trend keeps on catching up with everyone it is better than, you invest in them knowing what they are and why people are going for them.  By the time, you get through this article you will have a better idea of what the hype is all about.

What is security camera POE?

What is POE?

POE simply stands for Power over Ethernet. POE is a new technology makes it possible for cables to carry the network as well as power. It solves the problem of having too many cables tangling each other in a connection. We know a security camera to require two connections during the installment. One connection is for the network while the other is a power connection that connects the system to electrical power. If a system is, POE enabled only one connection is required which will entail a network connection that receives electrical power.

Why the hype?

POE technology is evidently amazing. I mean we are in the era of digitalization and technological advancement where everything is being simplified. Who wouldn’t want a system with fewer problems and more advantages? People specify on power over Ethernet installation for its advantages.

The most celebrated advantage of using POE is saving on cost and time. Since POE involves fewer cables, the time and the expense of installing a security system is less compared to other systems. The cost is significantly lowered and sometimes very easy since an electrician is not required doing the fixing.

Another positive aspect of POE is flexibility. Since the security cameras may not be attached to a fixed security outlet, they can be moved and be repositioned whenever there is need.

In security cameras, safety is the utmost importance. With POE, the mod of delivery is intelligent and there is the protection of the network systems from overleaf. Issues like incorrect installation and under-powering also eliminated. Therefore, POE security systems are reliable.

Reliability in POE security cameras is because instead of power coming various wall adapters stationed at different places, POE depends on the central source, which is universal and compatible. Additionally, since there is power and network are both available, the distribution, as well as the installation of network connections, Is very effective and simple.

The POE switch.

While considering POE you are likely to come about the POE switch and an injector. The function of these is that they help you connect your cameras with a router that is not POE. With the POE switch, therefore you can have a network and power connection. The injector and the switch may be used interchangeably but it is important to note that with the injector, one port can only be sued with the one camera.

Using the injector and the system is often considered to make the wiring simple. In a home situation where one may want to connect several cameras outside the home, all the cameras may be connected to the switch, which would then run to the NVR.

Installing POE security cameras

What is security camera POE?

The most important aspect of an installation process is succeeding in the process. In various situations, you can always consider the following methods in installation.

Have a plan.  Prior to setting up your cameras, ensure you have a plan for the system. Ensure you know the locations for installation and how your cameras will be connected to the monitoring locations. Ensure you put in mind your needs and other aspects like flexibility. With all this information, you will make the right purchase for the switch.

Router with POE: having a router that already has a POE port I probably the simplest way of having a POE camera system. All you need to do is to directly connect the camera into the router. The camera will then be a simple plug and play system. Even though this is simple its main limitation is that it can only work with one camera. In a situation where there is a system of many cameras hen, there will be a need for a switch and NVR.

POE injector and switch

If your router does not have a POE part then installation will be a little tricky. Here you might need assistance from an electrician. However, with a few tutorials from the Qsee website, the process is quite simple to follow. Since your camera does not have a router, an injector and a switch will be required to ensure a successful installation. With the injector, you will have to plug the Ethernet cable of the POE security camera into the injector. The injector will then be connected to the router. The injector will then need power for the system to work.

In another method, there would be the use of a switch. This is a much simpler method compared to the injector method. All that you will need to do is plug the cameras’ Ethernet cable to the switch and the connecting the switch to the router. The connection will then ensure that your cameras have access to power.


Even with POE, the most effective system for surveillance is one that includes an NVR. NVR comes in handy in storing surveillance videos. With the use of POE ports, you can connect all your security cameras to the NVR. This would be a perfect and complete security system with guaranteed efficiency.

For more information

Other than what is already mentioned above, there is a lot more about POE cameras that one might need to know before investing in them. Before falling victim to the myths about the usage of POE, you can contact professionals from Qsee who would give you proper guidance in POE security cameras. Moreover, we have a wide collection of POE cameras for all your security needs. Therefore, as you get your answers you may also get your most ideal security camera system


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