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What security cameras are the best?

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Security cameras, as the name suggests, are intended to help in keeping your premise secure.  With so much to sift through, how do you know that you have made the best choice?

Perhaps you need to keep an eye on your kids to ensure that they are doing their homework as they say, or maybe you want to ensure that the employees are at their work station, what you need is the best security camera. A security camera that can be monitored and controlled from wherever you are and whenever you want.

What security cameras are the best?

In this guide, we are going to give you the features that the best security cameras have and even suggest a few. Keep reading to have a grasp of what exactly you need to look out for when you want to purchase nothing but the best security camera.

Best security camera features

There are so many security cameras to choose from that you can easily end up with a mediocre camera that won't be of much help to your security needs. If you are not so careful, you might as well end up with a dummy!

To avoid such an inconvenience, you need to be a savvy homeowner in matters concerning security cameras. Once you know the features to look out for in a security camera, it will be impossible for anyone to dupe you into settling for anything less than the best.

Here are some of the features that are exclusive to the best security cameras;

Note: we have not given priority to any particular features in terms of listing since different security cameras are best suited for different tasks. You can rearrange the points as you wish based on how best they suit your security camera needs.

1. High-Resolution Video 

    One of the major uses of security camera footage is the identification of criminals. this, therefore, means that a good security camera should be able to record high-resolution video footages.

    With a 1080P camera, you will be able to record HD footages, which is good enough. However, for better video footages, we will recommend a 4K or Ultra-HD camera.

    Best high-resolution video security cameras

    At Q-See, we have both the 1080P and 4K security cameras. You can order the any of our IP HD cameras to record high resolution videos

    2. Weather resistance

    While weather resistance may not be an important feature for an indoor security camera, the same cannot be said of outdoor security cameras. Different security cameras have varying levels of weather resistance.

    Since different regions have different weather conditions, you should always seek to find cameras that have weather resistance levels that suit your locality. Weather rainy, windy, freezing or cold, you will always find a quality camera that suits your outdoor needs.

    Best weather resistant camera

    Our recommendation for a weather resistant security camera for your outdoor needs is the Archer 4K Ultra HD IP Outdoor Bullet Camera.

    Why this camera:

    • The camera is weatherproof (IP67 rated and can withstand a temperature range of -22° to 140°F)
    • Supports color night vision in ambient light up to 100ft
    • Has a wide field of view (112.7° angle)
    3. Remote access 

    It is good that security cameras can always record footages of occurrences in your absence which you can easily review once you get back. However, a quality security camera should be able to send you the live footage in your mobile device whenever you want, regardless of where you are.

    Classic cameras nowadays have compatible Apps that can be installed in your mobile device to permit remote access of live footage whenever you want. Some even allow multiple users to access the footage.

    Best remotely accessible cameras

    For security cameras that can be accessed remotely, you can check out any of our Presidio Series. All you have to do is download the Presidio App available for both Android and iOS.

    4. Motion sensing

    Imagine your camera failing to record a burglary in your home because its storage got filled up.

    Disappointing, isn’t it?

    Well, to avoid this, consider purchasing a security camera that has motion sensors. Rather than recording 24/7, security cameras that are motion activated will only start recording once motion is detected hence saving on storage.

    Another advantage is that you can set the camera to always send alerts to your mobile device once motion is detected.

    Best motion-sensing camera

    For a good security camera that supports motion-sensing, you can order our 1080P Smart Home Wi-Fi Outdoor Beacon Camera


    Why this camera:

    • Smart compatibility (it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT)
    • Supports 2-way talk.
    • Has siren and spotlight that can deter intruders.
    • You can schedule when you want the camera to monitor eg daytime only or night time only.
    • 16x digital zoom allows you to see video footage clearly.
    5. 2-way audio

    When a camera has two-way audio, it means that it has a built-in microphone and speaker which enable you to listen and speak to someone on the other end over wi-fi via your mobile device.

    This feature enables you to speak to your loved ones or scare off any unwanted intruder by giving them a verbal warning.

    Best two-way audio cameras

    Our Smart Home Wi-Fi camera series support this unique feature. Feel free to check them out and pick any that suits your security need.

    The above are some of the features that an outstanding security camera should have and some cameras that we suggest. However, based on your security needs, feel free to look for other features of quality security cameras.


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