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What Security Cameras work without Wi-Fi?

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There’s a series of security cameras in the market today and most of them work with Wi-Fi connectivity. So, if you simply don’t want to use Wi-Fi cameras: What options do you have?

Wi-Fi connectivity is the most used avenue in security surveillance given its wide range of benefits, but this doesn’t mean it is the only option available. We’ve wireless and hardwired security cameras that will equally give you peace of mind and protection, all without internet use.

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How then do you monitor your system?

Onsite and remote monitoring are key concerns in security surveillance and you won't be stopped from keeping an eye where your treasure lies, just because you are not accessing the internet. With a wireless security camera, establishing a connection with the Network Video Recorder is automatic, and you can view the footage through an HD TV or any other kind of monitor. In the course of surveillance, keeping a record of the video footage is possible with an attached hard drive given that cloud storage requires Wi-Fi connectivity. The difference in accessing a Wi-Fi-less camera only comes about when you want to do it remotely, for that equally requires an internet connection.

Another option comes in; you can have a wired connection from your camera to the NVR. Installing wired systems, however, has to take into account possible interference; cabling needs to be concealed for sensitivity purposes.

Let’s now get through the top picks of Q-See security cameras which won’t require Wi-Fi to function.

4 Channel Analog HD PIR  Bullet Cameras (QC944-2FJ-1)

With a full package of two 1080p bullet cameras, this system offers security surveillance over a hard-wired connection which delivers crystal clear, 1080p high definition video footage. The 4 channel PIR DVR gives room for expansive coverage with two additional compatible analog cameras; allowing you to supplement your home security system with additional ‘eyes’. For recording surveillance footage, the DVR holds a 1 TB hard drive that supports up to 6 TB storage space. With the default space, you can keep a continuous 20 days-footage before running out of space; this, you can view over a monitor connected through HDMI and VGA ports on the DVR.

The system has PIR Technology for ultra-accuracy in motion detection using infrared sensors. Vulnerable places in your home, including driveways, the garage, and your patio at the backyard, are susceptible to burglars making the powerful sensors a great deterrence to criminality. Effective Night Vision guarantees you 24/7 surveillance up to 65 feet in pitch darkness.

4 Channel Analog HD 4MP Bullet Camera (QC974-4DY-1)

This Analog HD camera is a cutting edge, quick and simple-to-install system with 4 MP camera resolutions. It comes with four channels, created for the quadruple cameras, giving you extensive coverage of your home any time, any day.

Whether your security needs are indoors or outdoors, these cameras will continuously deliver footage to your screen monitor come rain, come shine. With IP67 Rating, it won’t be an issue if it rains heavily until it becomes ‘splashy-muddy’. You can install where you want most. The DVR comes with 1 TB storage space, with extension ability up to 8 TB. You can now leave your home with the assurance that whatever incident that occurs, you’ll get a copy of it directly from the hard drive. The camera again has Night Vision, penetrating through 100 ft. with 36 infrared LEDs for motion sensing. Viewing and live monitoring is enabled via VGA and HDMI connections to screen monitors.

The inclusion of 60 ft. BNC Cables makes your connections easy.  

8 Channel Analog HD 1080P Bullet Camera (QTH98-8GD-1)

This is the perfect match for your home security dreams.  With 8 1080p Bullet Cameras, you can intensify your security system with camera installations at all locations which you consider sensitive, same to your business premises too. The 8-Channel system features Passive Infrared Technology which employs infrared sensors in analyzing any heat emitting object or person, notifying you of any unwanted motion within the vicinity of your property. You can determine any security threats with minimal false alerting due to false alarms.

It might concern you, sometimes, to determine what really happened in your compound while you were away, that’s why this 8-Channel system comes with a DVR, pre-installed with 1 TB hard drive space, extensive up to 6 TB. You can view this footage at your convenient time through a connection to your monitor. Footage access is not limited to daytime, with 12 High-powered LEDs Infrared Sensors and 65 ft. Night Vision capability, all that happens 24/7 will be at your disposal.

8 Channel Multi-Format Analog 4K Bullet Camera (QC998-8GG-2)

This is the ultimate state-of-the-art Analog security system with phenomenal 4K camera resolution. A brief analysis of recorded footage using video analytics gives crystal clear details, FOUR TIMES the detail of 1080p cameras; you can even distinguish people’s clothing patterns and identify pecks on their faces. With eight cameras, you'll be able to get a glimpse of what is happening across the entire points of interests, as your phenomenal 4K HD Security System captures each and every moment with super precision.

On top of this, the system is designed with Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), which improves on detecting any moving objects by spotting them through tracking. This technology further recognizes and triggers connected alarm systems, alerting you of any suspicious occurrences.

Motion detection is further stamped with Passive Infrared Technology for motion detection using infrared sensors.

With an Analog BNC HD DVR, surveillance recording is enabled with an HDD extensive up to 6 TB. Just like most of Q-See’s Analog Security Cameras, the DVR allows VGA and HDMI connections for footage viewing.

Bottom line

Whether one is using a hardwired Analog Security System or Wi-Fi security system, the common thing is that the level of protection they get is the same. NVR and DVR connections for wireless and wired security cameras respectively facilitate active monitoring over extensions/ monitors with limitation coming when it has to be done remotely. Don’t limit yourself in case you desire a Wi-Fi-less security system. Get one.


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