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Where to Set Up Security Cameras

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After purchasing a security camera, the next important step is setting it up. But where exactly should you set up your security camera to be sure that it serves you well?

You might have purchased the best, high-quality security cameras there is, but when you place them in the wrong areas, they will be of no use. To be able to curb burglars and other intruders, your security cameras have to be position in the right places.

How would you like it coming home from vacation only to find your house broken into and realize that the security camera, in which you invested a lot, has nothing to show in regard to the burglary? Without a doubt, that would be extremely disheartening.

The problem, however, is definitely not with the camera but rather, where you set it up.

There are certain points around your home that burglars prefer as entry points compared to others. These areas include the front door, the back door, the garage, among others. Failure to identify these sensitive areas will result in you placing security cameras in wrong places hence making it easy for burglars to gain entry into your house unnoticed.

To avoid such daunting experiences from coming your way, we have compiled a list of these areas in your home where you can set up the security cameras. This will ensure that any burglar that breaks into your home can later be identified from the security footage and prosecuted.

Here are some of the areas we recommend you place your security camera.

  • The front doorfront door Camera

It is not surprising that the front door should be the first point to consider placing your security camera. Recent research by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors indicates that 34% of burglars gain entry into houses through the front door.

Consider placing the camera above the door frame facing downwards and tilted at an angle such that it is able to cover an area a few feet from the door.

To prevent your front door camera from being tampered with by burglars, it is advisable that you place it at second-floor level. However, if you only have one level, we advise that you enclose it in a mesh wiring.

Bonus: placing a security camera at the front door will also enable you to see who is knocking on the door before letting them in, a peephole of some sort.

  • The Back Door

It is easy for most homeowners to forget securing the back door since they mostly focus on the front door. Once burglars notice the security camera at the front door, they will check out the back door. I am sure you already know what will happen if they find it unsecured.

With 22% of burglars admitting to having invaded houses through the backdoor, it is prudent that you place security cameras here too. Ideally, you should strive to have a security camera at every entry door to your house. Like the ones at the front door, you should also protect these cameras from tampering.

  • Off-street windows 

  • This is another ideal entry point for burglars if not surveilled. Since every burglar strives to keep their intrusion unnoticed, an off-street window plays a crucial role in ensuring that they can break in without being noticed by passers-by. Placing a security camera here will deter burglars and secure your house.

    Tip: The best camera for an off-street window is one that is wireless and can be monitored via a mobile device. You can install the RAMPART 1080P IP HD bullet camera from Q-see since it supports color night vision and can be remotely monitored via the Presidio App.  

  • Bedroom Hallway

  • Whereas you may not want to install a security camera inside your bedroom, installing the camera in the hallway leading to the bedroom will be useful in capturing any intruder that might have broken into your house.

    Burglary stats indicate that once burglars break into your house, their first destination is always the master bedroom. A hallway camera ensures that you can always monitor activities on who enters and leaves the master bedroom.

    Bonus tip: in case you have active small kids, you can install a security camera inside their room to monitor their whereabouts and keep them safe.

    Other Areas to Consider Setting Up Security Cameras

    To ensure that your home is more secure from intrusion, you can have security cameras installed in the following areas in addition to the above;

    • The garage
    • The backyard and side gate
    • The basement
    • Driveways

    How many cameras do you need?

    With the knowledge of areas where you can set up a security camera, determining the number of cameras you need should not be a problem.

    In some instances, the number of cameras you need might surpass your budget. In this case, install real cameras to the areas that are most likely to be used by burglars to break into your house. You can then install authentic-like dummy cameras in the remaining areas. This will cut down on expenses and deter burglars on sight as well.

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