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Which Security cameras work with Alexa?

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One of the best experiences in a smart home is the possession of Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. You get to enjoy the comfort that comes with a variety of automation capabilities.

As you plan for an ideal smart home, the installation of Alexa-enabled security systems gives you the desired surveillance but in a classy way. Here are a few Alexa security cameras that will give you the best surveillance experience

  • 1.Q-See’s 4K Ultra HD Smart Home Wi-Fi Black Cube Camera

  • Surveillance is best experienced in ultra HD and 4K Wi-Fi Black Cube camera delivers this with ultimate clarity. With 4K camera Resolution, your video recording will be endowed with four times the detail of 1080p camera resolution. This heightens your security protection for important and unique identifiers like facial features; clothing colors, etc. will be crystal clear in your video footages.

    Two-way talk

    Connecting with the 4K Wi-Fi Black Cube is easy and convenient with its compatibility with Amazon Alexa. Whether at home or at a different location where you cannot access your system directly, you can check in, in ultra HD and with the comfort that you deserve, using Alexa. All you need to do is download the free Q-See Plus App through which you’ll secure a connection. With Google Assistant and IFTTT, you’ll still achieve a two-way talk.

    PIR Technology

    For Hi-tech motion detection, 4K Ultra HD has Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) which grandly reduces inaccuracies and false motion alerts. With PIR technology, an embedded heat sensor determines the presence of a person or any other object up to 16 feet proximity. This feature greatly boosts the accuracy and efficacy of motion-triggered alerts. Surveillance needs to happen 24/7 and darkness should not be a security compromise; 4K Ultra HD Black Cube camera comes with Night Vision provision, which provides up to 32 feet of sight with precision in total darkness.

    1. Netgear Arlo Pro 2




    Photo courtesy of Arlo

    Designed with a professional touch, Netgear Arlo Pro 2 security camera is among the new Internet of Things (IoT) devices with Alexa voice control functionality from Netgear. The system employs wireless connectivity which keeps you informed of security updates and delivers additional video feeds to your device.

    Excellent image quality and Night Vision

    Arlo Pro 2 delivers absolutely excellent image quality with its 1080p HD camera. Streaming and video recording come with crystal clarity. In moments of low lighting, the night vision feature automatically turns on enabling you to have a clear view, even when darkness comes in. Through the Alexa feature, you’ll enjoy two-way audio messaging and control. With your smartphone, you can listen in and talk through the front of the camera. In case of unanticipated motion or sounds near your home, Arlo Pro 2 detects and sends instant notifications to your connected smartphone or your email.

    Smart security siren

    Sometimes you’ll have the time to view the footage as it unveils from the camera, sometimes not. This doesn’t mean there’s a security lapse. Like other security cameras, the Arlo Pro 2 camera comes ‘armed’ with a 100+ DB output smart siren, embedded at its base station, to inform you motion detection instances. Control of the smart siren can be done through the camera’s app. For storage purposes, the camera keeps a record of triggered recordings and upon purchase; you’ll enjoy a free 7-day cloud recording storage. You can, however, still keep a local back up of the captured footage to your USB drive.


    2.Zmodo Sight 180



                            Photo courtesy of Zmodo

    Zmodo Sight 180 is an award-winning best design security camera that is compatible with Amazon Alexa and allows you to keep an eye at your home using your smartphone. You can easily control its operations by channeling voice commands. Additionally, through Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can get a quick view of what is happening at other different locations by simply asking Alexa to show your Sight 180’s live view.

    Two-Way audio; upon checking all the ongoing back at home, you might want to say something to, perhaps, your kids. This is made easy. The two-way audio feature avails ways to share whatever message you have while you’re checking in. You can speak to your family members wherever you want. Your lovely pets too!

    Additionally, Sight 180 comes with phenomenal 1080p HD video and a 180-degree field view. With these, you have an enormous window for monitoring all that happens at home with the clarity that you deserve. While away, you can access/ view remotely, whether day or night, all that is happening by logging into the Zmodo application on your smartphone. Through the app, you'll get uninterrupted access to your live video, unread alerts, and camera settings.  

    Motion detection alerts

    Like it’s purposed to do, Sight 180 keeps you notified of any happening or impending motions at your point of interest. The alert clips are then saved securely in the cloud for an extensive 12-hour period, allowing you time to review them no matter your location.

    3.Canary View

    canary view

    Photo courtesy of canary

    The Canary View Indoor is a unique Alexa-enabled security camera, which is best suited for homes located in crime-prone areas. Its uniqueness is derived from the one-touch personal safety button that permits direct calls to the available emergency services. In times of need, the camera allows you to sound the 90 dB siren, link-up with the local police, call the fire department; all directly from the Canary application.

    HD Video and Audio

    As you determine to know what is happening, your surveillance videos will come both crispy and clean at 1080p resolution. Through a connection with your smartphone, you can bring your home to your phone 24/7.

    Motion and Person Detection

    Canary View is built with the intelligence to tell between people and motion. Message alerts include an image thumbnail to help in the instant determination of the kind of motion; whether it's a family member or a four-legged friend in your home. Whenever you’re at home, you can set to private by disabling the camera and microphone, upon your own desire.

    Bottom line

    A visit to a security camera store would be an overwhelming experience. You’ll get all kinds of cameras designed with different performances. But with an Amazon Alexa security camera, you’ll get the best that automation offers. The pair up ability allows you to monitor and respond to events in real-time wherever you’re, whenever it is, and wherever it is.



    4.1080P Smart Home Wi-Fi Outdoor Beacon Camera 

    The Q-See Beacon is a surveillance camera that is great for entryways and exits. It is compact and comes equipped with a spotlight, a siren, and two-way talk. Installation is not a problem given the easy mounting solutions. It’s compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT makes it a smart security camera.

    Built-In Spotlight & Security Alarm Siren

    There’s no need for separate motion lights or security cameras when you have the Beacon. It is easy to scare off intruders with the innovative spotlight feature. Additionally, there’s the 118db siren to ward off unwanted visitors!

    Two-Way Talk

    With the Beacon, you don’t need an intercom system, since it has two-way talk to help you communicate with anyone within 20ft of your camera. All you have to do is press the ‘talk’ button on the Q-See Plus App, and talk to the person standing at the door.  


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