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Which Security Cameras work with Google Assistant?

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For smart homeowners, it is now easy to get things done using Google Assistant. All you have to do is start with “Hey Google”  and you will be able to control your device, get answers and manage daily tasks.

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Can security cameras really work with Google Assistant?

Well, among the voice-controlled gadgets, security cameras would probably be the least anyone can expect to support this feature. However, we have a number of smart security cameras that work well with Google Assistant.

Here are some of the security cameras that support Google Assistant:

  • 1080P Smart Home Wi-Fi Outdoor Beacon Camera (QCW2MPSL)
  • This smart camera combines a spotlight, siren and two-way talk. The bright spotlight and loud siren alert intruders that they are being monitored and this could be enough to deter criminals. With the two-way talk, you are able to hear what is going on in your home as well as have a conversation with your loved one across the globe.

    The camera is easy to install as it comes with wall and ceiling mounts. With the help of the free Q-See Plus App that is available for both Android and iOS, you can easily check into your home, day or night, from the palm of your hand.

    When you want to see live footage of your living room on the Q-See Plus App, all you have to say is “Hey Google, show me the living room.” It is that easy.

  • 4MP Smart Home Wi-Fi Pan-Tilt (PT) Camera with Optional 16GB Micro SD Card (QCW4MP1PT)
  • This camera features the two-way talk and  Pan-tilt feature capability that allows you to rotate your camera at a 360° angle from your mobile device to get a full view of what is happening. With the 4MP HD Plus resolution, you will have a double resolution of a 1080P camera even in total darkness up to 30ft away.

    Another important feature of this camera is the ability to auto track. This means that the camera is able to detect motion in the designated area and automatically pan, tilt or zoom in to follow the person or object as it moves. Amazing, right?

    As if auto-tracking isn’t enough, this camera also immediately sends motion detection alerts to your mobile device so you can take action. If you do not want the alerts coming in constantly, you have the option to schedule when to receive them so that you can have some quiet hours.

    To be able to connect with Google Assistant on this camera, all you have to do is to install the free Q-See Plus App.

  • 1080P Smart Home Wi-Fi Cube Camera Mini (QCW2MP)
  • Once you have this camera installed, you can always check into your home whenever you want. Just install the Q-See Plus App on your mobile device and connect with Google Assistant to seamlessly gain control over your home.

    Installing this camera is never a hassle as you can easily mount it using the included 3M adhesive for optimal positioning and angle. This camera also features two-way communication, night vision of up to 32.5ft away, and motion alerts.

    In order to get alerts on your mobile device, set the camera up with motion detection. You may also not want to monitor your home at all times, don’t worry. All you have to do is to set up a schedule and relax.

    With the help of google assistant, you can effortlessly monitor your home as long as you have internet connectivity and the Q-See Plus App installed on your mobile device. It is as easy as, “Hey Google, do this.”

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