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Why Should Home and Business Surveillance Become a Priority?

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Why Should Home and Business Surveillance Become a Priority?

Safety and security are two of the top priorities today, whether it’s in your home or in your workplace. Here are some of the top reasons why installing a surveillance system is so important these days.

  1. You can protect your home or workplace from intruders. 

    Probably the most obvious reason why most people install surveillance systems in their homes or businesses is to deter theft and protect the property from any intruders. Intruders can be complete strangers or even people you know with malicious intent towards you, your family, or your business.

    If you live or work in areas near a sizable wildlife population, intruders can also mean an occasional animal dropping in your property. 

Whichever type of intruder your home or workplace receives, sophisticated surveillance systems will automatically dispatch authorities to help resolve the issue.

  1. You can boost productivity and profits in the workplace.

    Installing surveillance in your business allows you to monitor your employees and get to know them without establishing your physical presence. You’ll be able to note their work habits, their productivity levels during certain times of their shifts, and how they treat their co-workers.

    By identifying several issues from reviewing footages, you can make the environment a better workplace for your employees. You can also give your employees reasonable evaluations and advice on how they can improve their work. 

For downright unruly employees, your security footage provides enough evidence for termination. By creating a better environment for your employees, you will also boost profits and productivity. After all, happy employees are great for business. 

  1. You can save on your homeowner’s insurance.

    Although it is not always the case, you can save a lot of money on your homeowner’s insurance by having a security system installed in your home. This can mean up to 20% in discounts!

Still, the amount of money you’ll save depends on several factors, including the features of the security system you had installed. Another deciding factor is the amount of coverage you’ve initially purchased and the company you’re buying the insurance from.

  1. You can prevent or resolve instances of workplace violence or harassment.

    Whether it’s been your employees or your customers (or both), having a surveillance system installed in your business will help prevent or resolve workplace violence or harassment, sexual or otherwise.


As the owner, it’ll be hard to keep track of all the goings-on in the workplace, and security cameras will serve as your eye whenever you’re away. Aggressors will think twice about misbehaving in the workplace once they know security cameras have been installed.

In case violence or harassment already took place in the workplace and the case has gone to court, footage from the security cameras in the workplace can serve as permissible evidence.

  1. You’ll be able to secure areas of the home or workplace that are remote or isolated.

    Security cameras can help you make sure isolated areas in your home or workplace is safe from any disturbance or criminal activity. You don’t need to worry about constantly checking your basement and garage for any intruders—the security system will alert you once a break-in has occurred, and everything will be caught on tape.

 Installing a surveillance system in your home or workplace is definitely a safety precaution that will bring you some much-needed peace of mind. Check out our shop for the latest in surveillance equipment, or call us at (877) 998-3440 and we can make recommendations.

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