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1080p Security Cameras

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Some day security cameras offering Ultra-high definition (UHD) capability will be as common, and affordable, as HD and SD. But until that time arrives, cameras capable of producing crystal-clear images in full-color 1080p high definition (HD) remain one of the most cost-efficient cameras on the market. Not so long ago, most Americans were accustomed to watching television in Standard Definition. 1080p Security Cameras Then along came HD technology, and our perception of what was possible changed seemingly overnight. Now few Americans are willing to settle for grainy, indistinct Standard Definition viewing. Rather, we’ve all invested in HD televisions capable of displaying content that has been filmed on HD cameras. Today’s new normal is 1080p HD. Crisp, clear, sharply-defined images and true colors are what we expect—and programmers wouldn’t think of filming or broadcasting in standard definition any longer. Fortunately, discriminating customers may now choose this level of detail and clarity for their home video surveillance systems, too. Choose between 720p and 1080p HD resolution for the most remarkably clear, detailed images possible. Today’s sophisticated 1080p video surveillance cameras come in digital (wireless) and analog models, with or without night vision capability. Styles include fixed-focus bullet cameras, for monitoring specified areas continuously, and dome cameras for mounting on ceilings. These camera are usually equipped with PTZ cameras that provide the flexibility to view large areas and even zoom in on suspicious objects or activities for a still-more-detailed view.

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