16-Channel Surveillance System Solutions

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16-Channel Surveillance System Solutions

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16 channel systems

Large Home Surveillance

Larger homes and businesses may require up to 16 cameras to provide adequate coverage of vulnerable points of entry or other sensitive areas of the property. Studies indicate that most residential burglaries occur when criminals gain access through a ground-floor door or window. These are the areas of a property’s perimeter that should receive the most attention.

16 Channel Systems for Businesses

Businesses may also wish to install internal security cameras, to deter customer or employee theft. Examples include retail spaces and cash registers, where shoplifting or theft may occur. Dome cameras consist of point, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras contained within a discrete dome that can be mounted on a ceiling. They’re especially useful for continuous surveillance of retail spaces during business hours. After hours, when the property has been locked down for the night, external cameras become your most effective deterrent to crime. Most homes or businesses will benefit from installing fixed-focus bullet cameras to cover sensitive areas, such as exits, entrances, and vulnerable ground-floor windows. PTZ cameras are also exceptionally useful. Their ability to be moved remotely—panning from side-to-side, or tilting up or down, or zooming in or out as needed—greatly enhances your ability to monitor vulnerable areas of your property.

Planning Ahead

Even if you do not envision needing 16 cameras to provide adequate, complete coverage of potential points of ingress, it may be wise to invest in a 16-channel surveillance system. If you only wish to install eight cameras for example, an 8-channel system would suffice. But it would leave no room for future system upgrades. With a 16-channel system you’ll be able to add additional cameras, as needed, in the future. These systems are capable of recording and displaying up to 16 camera feeds simultaneously.



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