24-Channel Surveillance System Solutions

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24-Channel Surveillance System Solutions

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24 Channel Surveillance Systems Research indicates that the more valuable a property is, the more likely it is to be targeted by potential criminals. Expensive homes are simply more likely to contain expensive items that burglars want to get their hands on. Accordingly, the larger your home or business, the greater your need for serious crime-prevention measures. That’s where a 24-channel surveillance system comes in. Such a system supports up to 24 cameras, which can be situated throughout your property to detect suspicious activity and help deter potential criminals. Former professional burglars are happy to report that all things being equal, they’ll always target the property with no visible perimeter security, first. That means the mere presence of cameras is often enough to deter criminals.

Easily Cover Hot Spots

Research also shows that criminals overwhelmingly seek to gain access through ground-floor windows or doors, so those are the areas where cameras are crucial. Most residential properties will be adequately protected with security perimeter cameras covering any and all points of entry. Businesses may wish to install interior cameras, as well, to monitor customers’ and employees’ activities within the place of business. Cameras are an excellent way to deter shoplifters, for example, and a dome camera mounted above a cash register is an obvious deterrent to dishonest or criminal behavior on the part of employees.

24-Channel System Flexibility

With up to 24 cameras of various styles, you’ll be able to monitor all but the largest properties. Choose a 24-channel digital video recorder (DVR) for use with analog cameras. Choose a 24-channel network video recorder (NVR) for use with digital (IP) cameras. Even if you don’t require 24 cameras, a 24-channel recorder will allow you the flexibility to upgrade your coverage, should the need arise. Such systems were once out of reach for ordinary consumers, but technological advances have conspired to bring costs down, making these crucial security systems considerably more affordable.



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