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32-Channel Surveillance System Solutions

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32 channel security camera system A 32-channel security surveillance system represents the height of modern surveillance technology. Once available only to the largest businesses—with matching budgets—these systems are now surprisingly affordable, even for individual homeowners. At the same time, the resolution and clarity possible with modern cameras has vastly improved. Invest in high definition (HD) cameras for the greatest detail possible. With a 1080p HD camera, for instance, it’s now possible to positively identify a subject's unique facial features.

Access Your System from Anywhere

With a 32-channel system, you’ll be able to receive, monitor, and record feeds from up to 32 separate cameras. Your system will be able to track everything and everyone who approaches your property, at any time, day or night. Mount cameras where they’ll have a clear view of all ground floor doors and windows. With properly positioned cameras you should be able to monitor virtually every inch of your property’s perimeter. Modern technology makes it possible to monitor and review feeds, and even control the activity of remotely-controllable cameras, from virtually anywhere in the world, at any time of the night or day.

Night Vision Technology

Keeping track of suspicious activity at night won’t be a problem, either. Modern night vision-capable cameras switch from full-color, highly-detailed video images in daylight to infrared vision at night. Darkness provides no cover for potential criminals when cameras with built-in infrared LEDs are capable of lighting them up before they even get close. Only the largest, most expensive homes are likely to require up to 32 cameras, but better safe than sorry! Midsize to large businesses can easily require as many as 32 cameras to monitor interior spaces during business hours, and the perimeter after hours. Dome cameras, for example, are an excellent way to monitor shoppers’ and employees’ activities discretely, and can act as excellent deterrents to theft and other criminal activities.

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