720p Security Camera Overview

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720p Security Camera Overview

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Protecting your valuable home or business property from criminals is now easier than ever. Advances in technology have made it possible for virtually anyone to own a seamless security surveillance network, which continuously monitors your vulnerable perimeter. Choose high definition cameras, such as 720p HD cameras, for tireless delivery of crystal-clear images—day or night—to keep you and your property safe at all times. 720p Camera Overview

HD Cameras the New Normal

Gone are the days of jerky, fuzzy, black-and-white video images. Today’s top-end cameras are capable of delivering near-cinema quality video imagery, 24/7, in full, living color. At night, most cameras are now capable of switching to night vision mode, penetrating the darkness with “invisible” infrared light generated by the camera itself, to illuminate suspicious individuals before they even reach your door. Choose from among digital or analog models, paired with a network video recorder (NVR), or a digital video recorder (DVR). Choose from various camera housings and functionalities, too; including bullet (fixed-focus) cameras, dome cameras for mounting on ceilings (such as a front porch), or PTZ cameras, capable of sweeping a given area according to your commands, or by following a pre-programmed security sweep pattern. Some cameras even incorporate motion detection capability.

Wireless or Traditional Installation

If ease of installation is your primary concern, consider choosing 720p HD IP cameras, which offer the convenience of wireless installation. IP cameras are self-contained, miniature broadcast stations, capable of broadcasting image streams wirelessly to your recording device. Or access your feeds at a distance, using your internet-connected wireless digital device and an appropriate, free app. Alternatively, choose analog 720p HD cameras wired to your DVR for an eagle-eyed system that won’t miss a single detail. The very presence of a visible security surveillance system from Q-See is often enough to deter would-be criminals. But the ability to see them coming— and having a record of their activity—is the best way to protect your family and valuable property, while giving you unprecedented peace of mind.



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