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Analog HD Security Cameras

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When making decisions about the right security surveillance equipment for your situation, it’s helpful to understand a little about the choices available to you. Home security camera technology has evolved to deliver remarkably clear, detailed images, even in low light situations. Although even entry-level cameras now deliver surprisingly clear images, many cameras from Q-See take things a step further, delivering crisp images in full-color high definition (HD). When there’s no light, most are capable of switching to night vision, using built-in infrared LEDs to illuminate your property’s sensitive areas with infrared “light” that’s undetectable to the human eye. Analog HD Security Cameras The degree of resolution delivered by your home security cameras is up to you. Choose HD security cameras for the greatest possible clarity and definition. You’ll also need to choose between highly-detailed 720p HD resolution, or 1080p HD for stunning clarity and remarkably detailed, cinema-quality imagery. Once you’ve chosen your desired level of resolution, you’ll face another decision: analog or digital? The images captured by modern HD security cameras are ultimately recorded and/or viewed as digitally rendered images. But the terms “analog” and “digital” are now used to distinguish between two different methods of converting incoming images into digital in-formation: either at the camera itself, or later, within the recording device. Most HD security cameras that are wired to a central recording/controlling device (a DVR, or an NVR) send analog information to the recording device. The recorder then converts the analog signal into digital information for storage and retrieval. This is an example of an analog HD camera. IP or internet protocol cameras act as wireless broadcasting stations. Images gathered by the camera lens are converted within the camera itself into digital information, and this stream of information is them broadcast through a secure home network to your recording device. This is an example of a digital HP security camera.

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