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Baby Monitor Camera & App

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Baby monitor Since they were first introduced to consumers more than a generation ago, baby monitors have become a must-have item for any nursery. Of course, early baby monitors were strictly audio affairs. They broadcast sounds coming from baby’s room, and that was it. Today’s baby monitoring technology offers so much more. With an EasyView Streaming Wireless IP camera from Q-See, for instance, it’s possible to keep a watchful and eye on baby 24/7, no matter where you happen to be. With the camera’s built-in microphone, you’ll also have the option of turning on audio monitoring.

Free App for Remote Monitoring

Even when traveling away from home, you’ll be able to see how baby is doing from afar, by logging in on your Android or iPhone smartphone. With an easy-to-use, free app, you’ll be able to turn your smartphone into a remote monitoring station, viewing the feed from your baby monitor camera from anywhere at all, with your Internet connection. Conveniently save video files to a removable micro-SD chip inserted into the camera itself, or network your camera to a home network video recorder. The EasyView comes with an IR cut filter, for true color video during daylight hours, and automatic switching to infrared LED-assisted night-vision mode after dark.

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