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Best Home Security System with Cameras. The Ultimate Guide.

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Best Home Security System with Cameras. The Ultimate Guide. Picture


The Internet of Things has made it simpler to monitor your home from pretty much anywhere. You no longer have to rely on traditional security firms to get a home security system in place. With the boom of smart home gadgets, DIY home surveillance just got easier and economical like never before. Follow this quick buyers’ guide to find the best security system for your home!


There was once a time when home security meant splurging on high-end cameras, motion sensors, and professional set-up. Not anymore! Gone are those days of expert installation and a complicated buying process. With the advent of modern technology you now have smarter and affordable home security systems that you can set up all by yourself.


Take indoor and outdoor home surveillance into your own hands with smart-home tech systems. These high-end home surveillance systems require minimal installation and come with flexible setup and a range of security features.


Now, as the segment gets crowded with a plethora of options that vary widely, deciding what to buy gets more daunting! Whether you are looking for a versatile option to check on your children and pets while you are away or want a full-service watch-over to monitor intruders, we will help you find the right product for your home!


Home Security Systems - Past and Present

The security systems of the past weren’t that bad, really! But it often involved multiple devices, complicated installation and dealing with middlemen or agents. However, today’s security systems offer a world of difference. They contain a single device or have a single integrated system that’s not just connected outdoor, but also connected to you at all times through an app or smartphone.


With the advent of dynamic Cloud integration, the best DIY home security systems are coupled with the benefits of Cloud. They are smarter, safer and even collect data to make decisions for us. Thanks to Cloud innovations and App development, your smartphone has now taken over the role of the centralized touch control panel. So, now you can lock your doors, turn off lights, turn down the thermostat and check the security cameras on the go with ease.

Best Wireless Security Camera System 2018

1. Amazon’s New Entrant in Home Security:


When it comes to smart home devices, Amazon’s Alexa powered devices are very trendy these days including the all-new Echo, Echo Spot, and Premium Echo Plus. With just one home security product, the Amazon Cloud Cam, Ama, zon’s mark feels a bit thin in the home security cameras segment.


However, that’s about to change now. Because Amazon has purchased security camera startup Blink. Blink is very well known for its range of wireless security cameras that are battery powered. Blink’s current range of products includes Blink XT and the Blink Video Doorbell. The best thing about Blink’s home security cameras is that they are totally wireless, making it much easier for installation and it also features a great battery life of up to 2 years.


Will Amazon use this huge selling point to its advantage? We sure hope so and they are all set to give tough competition to Google’s subsidiary Nest Home Security Products.

2. Netgear’s Launch of Arlo Audio Doorbell:

 2. Netgear’s Launch of Arlo Audio Doorbell:

This new video doorbell security from Netgear seamlessly integrates with any of Arlo’s series of home security cameras. When visitors come, you are intimated through alerts sent through the Arlo App on your mobile device. You can then converse with them or play a pre-recorded message that you are busy. This new video bell might just be beneficial to your home providing additional security to let you know about unauthorized visits or intruders.

3. New Feature Introduced in Amazon Echo:


You can now access your home security camera recordings through Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, and Fire TV streaming devices or Alexa-enabled Fire tablets. If you have a Ring, August, Arlo, Logitech and Amazon’s own Cloud Cam, simply say “Alexa. Play the latest event from the camera name” and voila! You can see the most recent motion or sound triggered video capture.


How to Choose A Home Security System?

Most home security system cameras have similar basic functionality – they detect an event, record it and notify you with alerts. However, they vary with performance and other special features that go beyond the basics. Here are some common features that you will encounter when selecting the best home security system:

1. Alerts:

The most important feature to look for – how does the home security system push notifications to your smartphones when they detect events? You cannot be watching a live feed all day, so this is the only way to keep a check on your home in real-time.


Depending on the system, it can send text alerts when it detects motion, sound or face to you or multiple people that use the product’s app. In addition, it can also relay a text message in case you cannot access your mobile phone.

 2. Power Source:

Now, this feature is worth looking for. Power outages can happen or even burglars can try to cut electricity before breaking into your home. Either way, you can be assured of protection, if your home security systems have a battery backup.

3. Cloud Recording:

With this feature, recorded videos are sent for storage to a remote server for a short period of time. In case, you are on a vacation or have extended time away from home, you can access the surveillance records from anywhere with ease. Sometimes these are offered for free or come with a monthly subscription plan.

4. Environmental Audit:

Keep a tab on your essential home vitals like the indoor temperature, humidity, lighting, and air quality. If you would like to also monitor your indoor home environment apart from stringent security cameras, this feature is good to look for. For example, you can monitor for ups and downs in indoor temperature when it falls outside a range that you have previously defined.


In addition, you can also check for air quality to track pollutants like cooking odors, smoke to carbon monoxide. Now, this is one added feature to make up for potentially life-saving devices such as smoke detectors.

5. Face Recognition

Typically newer home security systems have this feature that is nice to have. With this feature, facial identification is done and it mostly learns to identify the face through maximum exposure to cameras. So you have to be prepared to spend some time in front of its lens to make it accustomed your face.

6. Data Storage:

If you don’t want cloud storage, some cameras also come with built-in storage right on the device. It can eliminate your monthly fee and serve as a beneficial feature. But, one downside is that if a crook steals your camera, they take all the evidence with them as well. So, it’s good to have a backup with cloud storage just in case it is needed.

7. Mobile App:

Most of the home security devices can be accessed through the central control system of a smartphone or tablet App. The app should be easy to use and flexible so that you can customize how the camera performs. In addition to viewing the camera’s live feed, you should also be able to customize notifications, adjust home controls, set detection areas and monitor motion and sound detection sensitivity with ease.

8. Motion Detection:

One of the most desirable features of a home security camera, your device should be able to pick up any movement within the camera’s scope of view and trigger video recording in case of unauthorized movements. Motion detection sensors should be equipped with state-of-the-art technology to detect any shifts. In addition, the user should also be able to adjust the sensor’s sensitivity in order to eliminate any false alerts.

9. Night Vision:

As important as motion detection is, home security cameras should also have night vision detection since most break-ins happen in the dark. Most of them are equipped with infrared LED illumination and support night vision. Some of them automatically switch to night vision in the event of low-light conditions while others might enable you to customize as to when it should be activated.

10. Manual Tilt vs Automatic Tilt:

Are you able to manually tilt the camera to focus on a specific viewing are or is the device equipped with a motor so that you can automatically move its lens while watching a live feed through the mobile app? Buy the right home security device according to what you need. Whether it is a one-time setup or a dynamic one, make the wise decision by checking the pan, tilt and swivel features of the camera.

11. Video Resolution:

You definitely don’t want to be stuck with blurry or distorted video recordings. So, make it a point to check for the highest possible resolution. Most of them come with HD or high-definition 720p resolution, while the newer ones adopt more clarity with 1080p. If you want a higher resolution then you have to trade-in for a higher Internet and Wi-Fi bandwidth and so, select accordingly. In addition, it is also good to have a dynamic software zoom feature, which is not the same as a manual zoom lens.

12. Scheduling:

This option enables you to customize, turn the camera on or off at certain times, send alerts at the right times and detect motion. For instance, if you would like to be notified after your children reach home from school, you can schedule alerts at that time. This will also reduce false alerts and help you monitor your home when you are away.

13. Security:

We are living in a highly digital age that has also given rise to hackers and other intruders who can easily get their hands on your personal information. So, ensure to check the security guidelines of the camera. Does it have up-to-date wireless security protocols like WPA2 and end-to-end encryption to protect your live feeds and personal data?

14. Integration With Other Devices:

If you are a gadget geek and have one or more smart home devices, you would definitely want a home security device that seamlessly integrates with your devices. Some of them support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri to unlock doors, change thermostat settings, open the garage or arm and disarm your system with your own spoken voice command. Many of them also support IFTTT or ‘If This Then That’ applets which trigger other compatible devices to initiate an action. For example, you can tell your smart floodlight to turn on if the garage door is open.

15. Two-Way Audio:

This is another value-add feature apart from the regular eyes-on monitoring through live feeds. You have the ability to hear what’s happening when you are away from home as well as speak through the camera. This feature will enable you to get a complete picture of what’s happening in your home. Wouldn’t it be just super cool to remotely command an unruly pet, oversee a babysitter or simply startle an intruder? However also be aware that you need to have a powerful speaker system for this feature to work.

16. Wide Angles:

The camera’s field of view is very important to enable how much you can really see. If you want a comprehensive view, opt for wide angles. Most cameras come with a 130-degree viewing range. However, you can opt for more or less depending on your requirements.

17. Web Access:

No one expects you to be hooked to your mobile 24/7, so the smart home security system should also include a web portal. This is useful when you don’t have access to mobiles or a wireless connection. The web portal should be similar to the mobile app in order to enable ease of use.

18. Connectivity:

Is the security system able to function within the bandwidth of your Wireless Router’s range? Even when you move it around your home, it should be able to maintain a Wi-Fi connection. This is an important feature to check for. Some cameras also have PoE or Power over Ethernet option that eliminates the need for another cable or AC adapter. You also have the option of wiring the camera over the ethernet.

19. Setup And Installation:

The actual set-up and installation process of the device should be easy and user-friendly. You should be able to easily configure the systems according to your preferences. In addition, you should also be able to easily scale up in order to add other sensors and components as and when you need it. Ensure if the system supports multiple wireless protocols and are compatible with add-on components.

20. Video Doorbells:

If you want an easy way to monitor who is at your door without you getting close to the door, this option is very effective. These devices will connect to your Wi-Fi and will push alerts when someone approaches your door. What’s more, some also have two-way audio to let you speak to your visitor from anywhere through your mobile phone.

Best Security Cameras for your budgets? here are your Options

1. Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera:

 1. Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera:

This affordable home security system has all the features of its expensive counterparts including a 1080p resolution and a few more. A clear winner in the budget home security system, it can be set up with ease and controlled with a user-friendly Mi Home App. It also enables customizable features including motion-zones and scheduling, along with motion-detection sensitivity partitions for different areas within a room.



2. Mini Camera Wifi From Q-See



This home security camera packs a punch with all the essential features along with a moderate price point. With cool features like two-way talk, local storage, extendable cloud storage, sharp images, IFTTT compatibility, customizable alerts and more, home surveillance just got easier with Q-See’s Wi-Fi Stand-Alone Mini Cube Camera. There is no compromise with quality and price when it comes to this product offering from Q-See’s range of home security products.

3. Tend Secure Lynx Indoor Camera:

 3. Tend Secure Lynx Indoor Camera

They say all good things come in small packages and this applies to Tend Secure Lynx Camera that delivers loads of features. This pint-sized home security camera system is packed with features like 1080p video, sharp night vision, motion-triggered notifications, two-way audio, free cloud storage, and facial recognition. All this at a pocket-friendly prices earns it a special mention under this segment.



Outdoor Home Security Cameras. These Are Your Best Bet!











1.Q-See Surveillance System QCW4-4EP-1, 4-Channel Wi-Fi NVR with 1TB Hard Drive, 4-3MP/1080p Wi-Fi Bullet Security Cameras


Confused between an indoor or outdoor security camera? Well, you can always choose a versatile solution that doubles up as the best indoor and outdoor security camera. This bullet security cameras from Q-See offers just that as it comes with not just one but four cameras that can be bundled and put to good use. These weatherproof camera makes it perfect for outdoor use and can also be used indoor at the same time. Day or night, rain or sun or whatever the conditions may be, you can be rest-assured of monitoring your home from any angle while you are away.











2. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera:


2. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 

This weatherproof device is a smart outdoor security camera that is compatible with Amazon Alexa.  It can send you footages of motion and let you talk back to your visitors with its built-in microphone. If you opt for a subscription, you can store your video on Cloud and with features like HD 1080p image quality and Sightline searches, you have a worthy buy.


3. ArmCrest ProHD:


 ArmCrest ProHD















If a clear image is something you desire, it doesn’t get any better than the 3-megapixel image sensor of this outdoor camera. You can easily identify fine details like faces and license plates. And, it also comes with four hours of free cloud storage. This stand-alone surveillance camera has got one of the highest weatherproof ratings.



Best Outdoor Security Cameras Systems with lights 2018

Here Are Some Effective Security Cameras With Outdoor Lighting!

1.  Ring Floodlight Camera:



Ring Floodlight Camera 













This video doorbell outdoor camera offers an interesting combination of outdoor lights and a siren HD camera. Add more utility with its dual articulating floodlights that let you cover a wide area. It has an effective face recognition technique that helps you keep a tab on your visitors. Also, it delivers sharp video and clear two-way audio and comes with a subscription to store or view recorded videos on Cloud.










2. Maximus Camera Floodlight:


Maximus Camera Floodlight 





















While Ring gives you only real-time viewing with paid downloads, with Maximus you can look back up to two hours and you are limited to three free downloads of recorded storage per month. You can also dim and adjust the LED floodlights to double up as a mood lighting system on your patio or deck.


The Best Indoor Security Camera 2018


1.Pan Tilt Zoom Security camera Q-See 







The next step in high definition security cameras, this indoor camera give you double the resolution of 1080p clarity, that too at a reasonable price point. What’s more, you can rotate the camera a full 360 degrees right from your smartphone to get a better eye on the happenings of your home. You will never miss out any detail with its 16x digital zoom and it also lets you auto track movement of a person or object that has entered a designated area.




2. Arlo Q:



Arlo Q 














Your go-to home security indoor camera that is the best choice when it comes to core functioning of security cameras along with a host of other features. This is the best-rated home security camera that scores high for its features and price point. With top video quality, generous cloud plans, easy setup and a lot of flexibility over customizing scheduling and motion detection settings, Arlo Q from Net Gear is a versatile indoor security camera. Plus, you can integrate with other smart home devices as well.


3. Ooma ButterFleye:



 Ooma ButterFleye












With its cordless operation, onboard backup storage, this security camera will continue to capture even in adverse conditions. This sleek and compact indoor security camera includes the important security bonafides with top-of-the-line features including 1080p video, two-way audio, clear motion, and sound detection. You can customize alerts and push notifications according to your needs.





Home Security Camera Reviews

If You Are Unsure About Buying A Home Security Camera, These Reviews Should Help Make The Decision Easier…



Cube Camera WIFI 4K Q-See


Let the QC 4K WI-FI CUBE CAMERA, be the window to your home at all times. From the busy moms to the executives on the go, you can stay connected all times about the happenings in your home. Equipped with the most advanced PIR or Passive Infrared Technology, it lets you track motion-triggered alerts with great precision. You will no longer be bombarded with false motion alerts, that too when you can track images with crystal-clear fine details down to facial features, clothing patterns and more.



  • 4k Ultra HD Video Recording - 4x the details of 1080p resolution
  • 16x Digital Zoom with Night Vision up to 30 feet away
  • Two-way talk and 137 degree field of range
  • Customizable motion alerts
  • PIR or Passive Infrared Technology
  • Local Storage with Micro SD Card that needs to be purchased separately
  • Cloud Storage available with subscription along with a free 7-day trial period
  • Power supplied adapters with 2.4Ghz range of Wifi Connectivity
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT compatible



  • Ultra HD advanced technology with high-quality video footage that captures facial features, clothing colors, and other important identifiers
  • PIR technology where motion is detected through the heat of a person or object, enables you to monitor motion-triggered alerts with great accuracy and effectiveness
  • Flexible Storage options with local and cloud storage
  • Easy and quick Mounting Solution to install the camera as per your convenience
  • Affordable price point and valuable purchase for its advanced features
  • Heightened security and around the clock protection



  • No motion zones set-up feature
  • Cloud storage is available with paid subscription



It comes with a 2 year period of warranty and subscription plans to avail cloud storage to view footage up to 30 days history


Bottom line:

The Q-See- QCW4K1MCB 4K WI-FI CUBE CAMERA wins hands down as the best home security camera for its powerful features and affordable price. Say bye to distorted and unclear images as this camera is equipped with ultra HD technology that is not found in other indoor security counterparts. Also, it cuts through the hassle of false motion alerts with the advanced technology put to the best use.

2. Arlo Pro 2 Review – Versatile Home Security Systems That Do A Neat Job!

 Arlo Pro 2

From the renowned Net Gear family, the second and the newest Arlo Pro is packed with utility features for a comprehensive home security system. It is available in two or four camera bundles and is scalable to add more compatible cameras. Use it indoors or outdoors and protect your home from intruders or just monitor while you are away. Either way, the Arlo Pro 2 is easily one of the best home security cameras that is a dominant player in this segment. For anyone looking for a DIY security solution, the Arlo Pro 2 is a strong recommendation.


  • Full HD 1080p.
  • Advanced customization features with scheduling and geofencing.
  • Offers cloud backup free of cost for 7 days.
  • A dedicated base station that connects to your router directly via Ethernet and broadcasts its own WI-Fi signal to the camera.
  • Offers two disparate USB ports where you can connect external hard drives for storage backup.
  • Contains motion detection, sound detection, night vision cameras, and two-way audio system.


  • Support for integration with other smart home devices and IFTTT.
  • Zoom feature up to 8x times is very beneficial to have.
  • Superlative image quality with 130-degree wide-angle lens.
  • Includes a simple brightness slider to tune the exposure settings of the image.
  • Clip length and download time of the video recorded after detection is good.
  • Has a look back feature which allows you to get a quick glimpse of the scene prior to detection.


  • A cluttered app and relatively not so user-friendly.
  • Relatively expensive from others, but for the features it offers, it is a good buy.


It offers a one-year warranty with 3 months of customer support for a basic plan. It also offers paid memberships for small to medium size business with unlimited support.

Bottom Line: 

For the sheer amount of power-packed features in this product, this efficient DIY home security system offers value for your money. With its unique indoor or outdoor flexibility, clear footages and smart alerts, the Arlo Pro 2 is the most trusted choice of a home security camera.

3. Amazon Cloud Cam Review – From The Reputed Amazon Family, Find The Right Balance For Indoor Home Security

 Amazon Cloud Cam Review

This Alexa enabled a smart security system has the strongest ties to Amazon products and functions as a great indoor home security camera. It is not weatherproof but can sustain a temperature range of 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, so it means you can also fix it in your garage.


  • 1080p HD live feed with two-way audio.
  • Prompt motion notification.
  • Free 24-hour clip storage on Cloud.
  • Infrared LED night vision cameras.
  • AC Adapter power with a micro USB adapter.


  • Great for its integration with Amazon products.
  • Distortion-free video quality with good audio quality.
  • The cloud cam app is very user-friendly with customizable controls.
  • Good price point when compared with other competitors and brands.


  • There is no local storage option.
  • Not so compatible with other devices apart from Amazon’s line of services.
  • Only Amazon cloud subscribers can set motion zones and receive person alerts.


One-year warranty and service are included with this product along with other paid subscriptions that can be used to increase the scope of cloud storage.

Bottom line:

Strike the right balance for indoor home security with the affordable, reliable and easy to use Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security System. Amazon’s latest addition to the line of home security is here to stay with its advanced smart home and security features. Amazon Cloud Cam is one of the top choices of indoor security camera that does the job perfectly.

4. Ring Spotlight Camera Review – Protect Your Vulnerable Outdoor Areas And Shine It Up Like A Star!

 Ring Spotlight Camera

This combo spotlight plus security camera protects your home from intruders after sundown. It is one of the best outdoor home security cameras that can double up as your porch-light and pick up video recordings when its motion sensor is activated.


  • Comes with Wired, Battery and Solar Panel option for energy efficiency.
  • LED Spotlight produces up to 3000 lumens of brightness with 3000K color temperature.
  • 140-degree wide-angle lens.
  • Two-way talk and night vision up to 30 feet.
  • 1080p HD resolution.
  • 30-day free Cloud Storage for recorded videos.


  • An intuitive app that is one of the best user-friendly apps.
  • Customizable Motion zones with a 270-degree range.
  • Sharp image quality.
  • Control the intensity of the spotlight and customize when it should be turned on/off.
  • Seamless integration with other Ring Smart home devices like Ring Doorbell.
  • Compact design.


  • Relatively expensive, but worthy enough for its features.
  • You have to pay to get access to cloud storage after the free trial period.


It offers a one-year warranty on parts and also Rings subscribers can avail a lifetime purchase protection which covers the device in case of damage or theft.

Bottom line:

The Ring Spotlight Camera comes with an easy setup and lucrative performance that makes it a desirable choice of an outdoor home security camera with lighting. Whether standalone or used in conjunction with other smart home devices, The Ring shines and is recommended for 360-degree surveillance of your property.

5. Brinno SHC1000 Peephole Camera Review – Combat Intruders With This Concealed Camera!

 Brinno SHC1000 Peephole Camera

If you are looking for an invisible and camouflaged WI-Fi door peephole camera, Brinno SCH1000 would be the right choice. You would be able to see your visitors at the doorsill and can also gain access of footage up to 30 feet away from your entrance. You can view the recordings on the built-in LCD display.


  • 7 in LCD screen with sharp and clear images.
  • Supplied with discreet motion and knock detectors to initiate video recordings.
  • Recorded files stored on micro SD card.
  • Review Time and date stamped video with an easy push of a button.
  • Battery powered that can last up to 1800 triggers or roughly six months.
  • Digital visitor log that captures your visitor with upfront face images.
  • Two installation modes for a motion sensor that allows you to install it on the door knocker casing or on a portable mode to hide the sensor separately.


  • Theft proof peephole camera that is secured inside your home and not left outside.
  • Quick and easy install with step-by-step guidance.
  • Watch all the action on the LCD display with decent clarity.
  • You will not receive annoying alerts and can get back to home to view who has been to your home.
  • The display is equipped with a 90-degree viewing angle with plenty of scope to provide a head and shoulder view of your visitors.
  • You can adjust the knock sensitivity and motion sensors according to your requirements on the display screen.
  • The display screen acts as your control panel.
  • Storage of all recordings in the micro SD card that is extendable up to 32 GB.


  • It does not support iOS or Android integration and no App to access from your mobile.
  • Cannot monitor video recordings while away from home. You have to get back home to view time and date stamped videos.
  • Costs are almost equivalent to a full-fledged home security camera.


Brinno SCH1000 Peephole Security Camera comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Bottom line:

The hidden nature of this peephole camera gives it an edge over other indoor and outdoor home security cameras that are visible. You can easily detect package theft or other intruders. It is an easy but slightly expensive, but if you are looking for a concealed camera for your home, this can be a good option.

6. Logitech Circle 2 Camera Review – Smart And Simple Camera That Makes Home Security A Breeze!

 Logitech Circle 2 Camera

This is simply one of the most versatile home security cameras out there. It has a broad range of mounting options making it easy to place it virtually anywhere. Mount it straight to the wall outlet or stick it on to a glass pane using Window Mount. Also, it is the most weatherproof home security camera and you can also opt for its wire-free version with batteries. What’s more, Circle 2 offers both Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit integration. Other than all of that, it comes with other standard features of night vision, two-way audio, Cloud storage and 24 hours of free online backup.


  • Sleek product design with easy mounting options.
  • Motion-detection with live streaming and 1080p resolution.
  • Customizable alerts and notification.
  • Free Cloud storage for 1 day and paid membership for extended storage.
  • Comes with a Day brief option to check a short review of the day’s recorded activities.
  • Wide-angle 180-degree lens.
  • Infrared night vision effective over 15 feet.


  • Hassle-free installation with unique mounting options.
  • Seamlessly works with Amazon, Apple, and even Google smart home hubs.
  • The Day-brief option is pretty cool summarising the day’s recording to a 30-second brief.
  • Weatherproof and Waterproof.
  • Security meets simplicity with easy use to Android and iOS app.


  • If you want access to geofencing and other advanced features like person detection, customizable motion-sensing zones, alert filters and more, you need to get a premium paid membership.
  • The privacy controls could be a little stronger.


Logitech Circle 2 camera comes with a one-year warranty and comes with a flexible premium subscription that offers more features and support.

Bottom line:

Get effortless home security with Logitech Circle 2. With a rich features lineup of good design, easy to use App and simple mounting options, you just cannot ignore this camera. It offers value for your money even though some features are available only with paid membership. We particularly like the fun day brief feature which is a cool way to review an entire day’s activity.

7. WyzeCam 2 – The Most Budget-Price Home Security Camera With Impressive Features

WyzeCam 2

The most affordable home security camera, it has set a standard of sorts for budget security cameras. In an age where most home security cameras retail in the mid-range cost, WyzeCam’s modest offering might almost sound too good to be true. But, it nevertheless performs where it should and offers great value for money. Sure, it might not come with very high-end features, but it is instilled with desirable features a home security camera must have. Founded by a group of ex-Amazon executives from Seattle, the understand the need for quality as well as a low price point.


  • Light and cube-shaped with well-molded corners that can wall-mounted with 1.8m mini USB power cable.
  • Simple to use the Wyze app that works once you enter Wi-fi details and scan a QR code.
  • 1080p resolution and decent night vision performance.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Senses motion, sound, smoke, and carbon monoxide.
  • Free cloud storage with 14 days of rolling video history and local storage is also possible with SD cards.
  • Motion and sound triggered recordings.
  • Time-lapse recording and motion tracking.


  • Easy on the pocket.
  • Small and compact in stature but big on features.
  • Equipped with most of the features listed on other relatively expensive home security cameras.
  • Receive push notification alerts to your mobile.
  • You can store your recordings on Cloud or locally via micro SD cards up to 32GB.
  • You can mount it or just let it sit upright with a 360-degree tilt option.
  • It can also sense smoke and carbon monoxide and notify you.


  • You cannot integrate with other smart home gadgets, but with the all-new Wyzecam v2, it can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.
  • Finding your recorded video clips might be cumbersome with some time-lapses in accessing recordings on Cloud.
  • Push notification service could be better.


WyzeCam is protected by a one-year limited warranty, covering you from defects in materials and workmanship.

Bottom line:

One of the best budget indoor security cameras that performs well for its price. While there’s still more work it can do to improve its Cloud services and push notification service, it has made a name for itself in terms of price and performance.

8. Canary View Camera Review – Compact Design At A Smart Price

Canary View Camera  

This is Canary’s latest addition to its line of home security cameras and also wallet-friendly compared to its other two products of Canary Flex and Canary All-in-one. It is more akin to the original Canary design with almost all the features of Canary All-in-one. A great security camera that has a base with an LED ring that glows white when the camera is on Away mode or ready to record motion and is off when in the Home mode or recording is turned off.


  • 1080p video resolution.
  • Camera lens comes with a 147-degree field of view and 3x digital zoom.
  • Equipped with 12 Infrared LEDs to provide up to 25 feet of night vision.
  • Includes two-way audio, but you have to avail subscription services to use it.
  • Has a motion sensor that differentiates between motion stimulated by person and other objects like pets or a passing car.
  • 2 meter micro USB power cable connector provided.


  • Great daytime and nighttime image quality. The light ring at the base lightens up a dark room.
  • Toggle between the Home, Away and Night mode according to your needs.
  • Geo-fencing feature support automatic activation.
  • Works with other smart home devices like Alexa, Google Home, and Wink.
  • A pocket-friendly price that delivers your money’s worth.
  • Slick and simple App that lets you customize alerts and notification.
  • Easy setup with quick installation.


  • Two-way audio feature and other advanced features like desktop streaming available only with a paid subscription.
  • You get access to the last 24 hours of recorded video, that too 30-second long clips and have to avail subscription for Cloud storage.


The Canary View is available with a one-year warranty, but it can be extended up to 2 years if you purchase Canary premium membership.

Bottom line:

With first-class imaging, integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the Canary View is almost a great revelation. But you need an ongoing subscription to unlock other features that competing cameras deliver right out of the box. If you prefer a budget indoor security camera that delivers sharp video and looks good doing all that, then Canary view can be one of your choices. The View offers a simple and solid home security system for an irresistible price.

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