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Best Practices for Warehouse Surveillance

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Warehouse security best practices Loss prevention is an important facet of successful warehouse management. Whether your facility is small and modest, or large and sprawling, at Q-See, we have the right security surveillance solutions for you. Adequate security often involves a number of factors- of which, modern security surveillance with a secure network of video cameras is a fundamental aspect. Depending on the size of your facility, you may need anywhere from four to 30 or more cameras to provide continuous surveillance and comprehensive coverage. The concept behind warehouse surveillance systems is simple: Prevention of theft loss depends on the increased likelihood that criminal activity will be detected. Where that criminal activity is likely to take place, and so requires monitoring, varies from one warehouse to another but your basic coverage zones will be the same: exterior and interior.

Exterior Warehouse Surveillance

For exterior coverage, use weatherproof bullet cameras. These will stand up to water and temperature extremes and be able to monitor busy receiving and shipping areas, doors, windows, etc. Depending on the exterior lighting conditions on the property, night vision capabilities may be required. Also, be mindful of the distances involved. Multiple cameras may be needed to cover an especially long building, particularly at night.

Interior Warehouse Surveillance

Given that employee theft is consistently identified as the greatest theft risk among most businesses, interior cameras are crucial to any business-oriented security system. Make use of ceiling-mounted dome cameras, or invest in highly versatile PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras. These cameras can be programmed to follow sweep patterns, or to react to motion. Or, remotely direct these cameras to track and monitor any suspicious activity you may see on your DVR/NVR’s monitor in real time.

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