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Bullet Cameras by Q-See

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Q-See Bullet Cameras Bullet cameras are the most basic type of security cameras. So-called because of their generally cylindrical shape, these cameras do much of the work of monitoring any security perimeter. Positioned above doors and windows, they can provide continuous coverage to ensure that no one gains entry to your property without your permission.

Multiple Varieties

Bullet cameras feature a fixed-focus, slightly wide-angle lens. Once mounted and properly positioned, they’ll provide a relatively broad view of the scene within range of the camera’s lens. They cannot be moved remotely once in place, however. Choose a camera with a weather-resistant housing if it will be installed out-of-doors, or anywhere where harsh conditions may be anticipated. Most homes or offices will require three or more bullet cameras for full coverage of all ground-floor doors and windows.

Resolution Options

Choose from among digital or analog models, and remember to consider what level of resolution you require. Older analog cameras do a fine job of monitoring the perimeter when high definition is not a concern. But newer models may feature high resolutions comparable to those you’re familiar with from watching high definition programs on your home HDTV. For ‘round-the-clock coverage, be sure to get bullet cameras with built-in night-vision capability.



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