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Monitor Camera for your Dog&Cat

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Cat & Dog Monitor Have you ever wondered what your pets get up to when you leave the house? Are they scratching your furniture? Shredding your curtains? Do they get into trouble, all too often? Or are they behaving like angels? There’s one way to be sure. Install a cat and dog monitor from Q-See. The EasyView Streaming Wireless IP camera, for example, makes it easy to keep tabs on your tabby. With the ability to provide both audio and video coverage of your pets’ living space, you’ll be able to check in at your convenience to see what your cat or dog is up to. Is your dog barking enough to upset the neighbors? Is your cat jumping up on the counters, or leaving roadkill in your bed? With the EasyView Streaming Wireless IP camera in place, you’ll be able to see it all unfolding. You’ll even be able to address your animals from afar, with the camera’s two-way audio functionality enabled. Monitor your feed—and your pet’s behavior—while away from home by checking your digital device loaded with free software that allows you to view feeds remotely, with an Internet connection. And don’t fret if you can’t make it home before dark. This impressive camera comes with automatic night vision, for clear images illuminated by infrared energy at night.

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