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Choosing the Perfect Q-See Security Camera

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Choosing a Security Camera There are a number of factors to consider when choosing security cameras for your home or office security surveillance system. You’ll need to choose from among three main types of cameras. Some systems may consist solely of bullet cameras. Others may require a combination of camera types.

Bullet Cameras

Cylindrical bullet cameras are the workhorse cameras of surveillance. They’re usually mounted on the corners or eaves of buildings. They point at one area and remain immobile. A relatively wide-angle lens enables them to see a wide area of territory.

Dome Cameras

A second type of camera is the dome camera. This is a camera housed in a dome, which is mounted on a ceiling. They’re especially good for indoor use. Most feature a lens that can be moved in at least one dimension, such as side-to-side, for expanded coverage.

PTZ Cameras

The third type of camera is the PTZ; pan, tilt, and zoom. These are the most sophisticated video cameras available. They can be remotely directed to move from side-to-side (pan), up or down (tilt), or to zoom in or out for a telephoto or wider-angle view.

Digital, HD, & Nightvision

Modern security cameras also come in analog and digital models. Many of today’s cameras feature the capability to switch from full-color video to black-and-white night-vision mode, automatically. A final consideration involves the question of resolution. Some top-of-the-line cameras offer 1080p HD resolution. Or choose 3MP or 4MP cameras for even sharper high definition and greater detail.

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