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Connect your DVR to your Mobile Device

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Connect your DVR to your phone with Scan N View When you buy a new video security surveillance system from Q-See, consider investing in one of our more advanced systems. These more sophisticated systems, in the QT line, feature high definition cameras and DVRs or NVRs with HD recording capability, remote monitoring, and our convenient Scan N’ View service. Scan N’ View lets you connect your DVR or NVR to your mobile device with ease, using your smartphone or tablet and a working Internet connection.

Scan N' View Setup

First, download the free Q-See QT View app to your Apple mobile device or smartphone, Android smartphone, Apple computer, or PC. Open the app on your smartphone and click on the “bar code scan” button at the bottom right of the app’s “Login” screen. Now, go to your DVR/NVR and right click to bring up the Menu Bar. Click on the Main Menu icon, at the far left of the bar. The icon resembles an open ringed binder. Next, click “Information”. Then click “QRCODE”. With your smartphone’s camera, scan the on-screen QR code. QT View will return to the Login screen. Enter your password. Press “Live” to view live feeds from your camera(s). Double tap a channel to view it in single view. You can adjust the quality (clarity) of the feed from “smooth” to “clear,” depending on the speed of your connection. Slower speeds may work better with the lower-quality “smooth” view option.

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