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If you’re interested in owning a top-of-the-line all-digital security surveillance system, consider investing in digital, IP HD cameras from Q-See, plus a network video recorder (NVR). With separate channels for as many cameras as you require, an NVR is the heart of any modern digital surveillance system. Mount cameras around your security perimeter, hook them up to your NVR, and watch what doesnt happen. Tech-Overview-Recorders-Peripheral Research indicates that most would-be burglars are deterred from targeting your property by the simple visible presence of cameras around your security perimeter. Some people on a tight budget even take advantage of this fact by installing “dummy” cameras that look exactly like the real thing, but are completely non-functional. They’re banking on the substantial deterrent impact of cameras that appear to be monitoring every move that takes place outside of your security perimeter. Of course, if you’re really serious about security, you’ll go ahead and invest in working digital cameras. Choose IP HD for remarkably clear, detailed video images rendered in full color during daylight hours, and sharp black-and-white video images after dark, when your cameras will have switched automatically to night vision mode. Be sure to buy enough cameras to provide complete coverage

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