Do Surveillance Systems Affect Insurance Costs?

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Do Surveillance Systems Affect Insurance Costs?

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Insurance Many customers are interested in learning what impact, if any, a security surveillance system may have on the cost of business insurance. The short answer is: A modern security surveillance system can, in fact, help you cut your business insurance costs. Many insurance underwriters are willing to offer not-insignificant discounts for security surveillance systems, especially when they’re installed in businesses that deal with the general public. The reason has to do with general liability insurance for personal injury. Security cameras can prevent expensive judgments for the plaintiff in cases involving bogus “slip-and-fall” law suits. Other scams involve false claims of personal injury sustained when items fell on them. These kinds of staged “injury incidents” usually involve vague, difficult-to-rule-out diagnoses, such as back injuries. Believe it or not, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that such claims cost American businesses up to $30 billion per year. Insurance companies are picking up the tab for all this fraudulent activity. And, of course, they’re passing their costs along to customers in the form of steeper business liability insurance premiums. Of course, surveillance cameras are also excellent tools for preventing revenue loss due to shoplifting or employee theft. This “shrinkage” is also worth billions in lost revenue annually. Many insurance companies are happy to provide discounts for their customers who invest in theft-loss measures, including security surveillance systems. In the long-term, it’s far cheaper to invest in security measures, including good surveillance, than it is to pay higher premiums, or settle lawsuits and claims against your company. If you’re considering shaving insurance costs by installing a security surveillance system, contact your present insurer and ask if they offer discounts for additional security measures. If not, consider shopping around for a new provider who’s willing to offer discounts.



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