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Dome Cameras Dome cameras are very popular for use in retail establishments. Mounted flush with the ceiling, these cameras are housed in a clear plastic hemisphere that helps hide the camera from casual view. This level of discretion can be useful in retail settings, where unobtrusive surveillance cameras are less likely to distract customers. The camera is capable of rotating within its housing, so you get complete 360 coverage of the area below. Alternatively, some models feature cameras that are integrated into a rotating housing.

Night Vision Dome Cameras

Most dome cameras also feature built-in infrared LED lamps, capable of projecting invisible infrared “light” up to 100 feet, so your camera can operate effectively at night, even in complete darkness. Cameras also come in a range of resolutions. Choose from among analog, standard definition cameras, or invest in the added sharpness and level of detail possible with a 720p, 1080p, or even 3 or 4MP camera. Most dome cameras feature a lens with a relatively wide angle of view, for the most comprehensive coverage of your valuable property. We even offer a dome camera with built-in microphone, should you be interested in hearing—as well as seeing—what’s going on in your home, office, or retail establishment.



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