Dome Security Cameras Overview

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Dome Security Cameras Overview

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Comprehensive home security or business security surveillance systems usually include a number of different types of cameras, combined with a recording device. In addition to standard bullet cameras mounted above entrances and exits, dome cameras are usually key components of any effective surveillance system for loss prevention in interior retail spaces. That’s because dome cameras are mounted on the ceiling, where they can be used to monitor the activity of customers and employees alike. Dome Cameras Overview

PTZ Versatility

Dome cameras contain a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom ) camera, which can be monitored and controlled from a remote location. Because of their placement on the ceiling, dome cameras are capable of monitoring a broad area—covering much more territory than a bullet camera. The camera may also follow a pre-programmed security sweep pattern, to ensure optimal surveillance of all vulnerable areas. Dome cameras offer several advantages. Some feature an open-camera design, and may include LED infrared lights to enhance the camera’s ability to see in the dark. Others include a camera fully enclosed within a transparent, high-impact-resistance plastic dome, for enhanced protection against tampering or vandalism. Some domes incorporate dark plastic to shield the camera from prying eyes. The latter is an attractive feature for retail applications, where customers may resent any reminder that they’re under constant surveillance. Domes also come with weather-proof housings, for exterior use under variable weather conditions.

Night Vision Capability

Of course, there are many styles of dome cameras, equipped with a variety of camera types and options. Modern dome cameras may range from night-vision only, to full-color high definition (HD) resolution in daylight, supplemented by the capability to switch seamlessly to night vision after dark. These models make use of LED infrared illumination sources mounted around the lens of the camera. This “invisible” light is capable of illuminating targets up to 130-feet away, depending on the particular model.



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