DVR & NVR Home Security Systems

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DVR & NVR Home Security Systems

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Home security dvr & nvr Home security systems begin with analog or digital video cameras specifically designed to monitor a given area of vulnerability. Every effective security surveillance system also consists of an array of strategically placed cameras networked with an appropriate video recorder. Recorders enable the user to remotely monitor, record, and review footage from any given camera, using an appropriate monitor.

DVR and NVR Differences

Analog cameras work with a digital video recorder (DVR), while newer all-digital cameras are networked with a network video recorder (NVR). Recorders are multi-channel, meaning they are designed to accept separate hard-line feeds from any number of cameras, ranging from as few as four to as many as 32. Each camera’s feed will be recorded separately, and feeds from various cameras can be viewed singly, or in multiples, at the same time, at the operator’s discretion.

Remote Monitoring

You’re not tied to your home- or office-based recorder, though. These days, we make it easy to view home security feeds remotely and securely, using your supported mobile device, a free Q-See app, and your Internet connection. This enables you to access your password-protected feeds at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world, so you can rest assured that all is well on the home front. Depending on the size or complexity of your property, choose from simple, four-channel recorders capable of monitoring, recording and playing back feeds from four separate cameras—to recorders capable of accepting feeds from 30 or more individual cameras of various types.

Scan N' View Technology

Whether your system is large or small, we make it easy to get your system up and running. Setup is easier than ever, now, with the convenience of Scan N’ View, which allows you to take a snapshot of your system’s QR code and get quick, step-by-step instructions that will streamline the setup process.



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