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DVR Ports & Connections

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When you buy a digital video recorder (DVR) from Q-See, you’ll get a unit capable of supporting separate video input channels, as well as ports for output of video files to a monitor of your choosing, using VGA or HDMI connections. VGA, or Video Graphics Array, is an older standard used to interface digital video with computer monitors featuring 640X480 resolution. Newer, high definition television and computer monitors, which provide far better resolution, are connected using HDMI cables/connectors. HDMI stands for high-definition multimedia interface. DVR Ports & Connections DVRs come in various sizes, with separate input ports for each individual camera supported. A four-channel DVR, for example, features four video camera ports. The unit would allow you to hook up as few as one or two cameras, and as many as four. For larger homes or offices, chose a unit capable of supporting more cameras, as needed. Q-See has DVRs capable of supporting up to 32 cameras. Finally, consider what type of system you’ll be investing in. Older, analog video cameras use the SDI (serial digital interface) system to deliver signals to your DVR for processing of raw data into digital video files ready for viewing. They feature BNC connectors, a sort of quick-connect/release standardized connector that will snap right into the BNC ports on your Q-See DVR.



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