Essential Home or Small Business Security on a Budget

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Essential Home or Small Business Security on a Budget

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Home Security The right to unfettered pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness is a foundational principle of our American way of life. In fact, it’s widely recognized as a basic human right around the world. It involves some fundamental expectations. We all need—and rightly expect—access to adequate food, clothing, and shelter, for example. Of course, to a large extent, your budget determines how fancy your clothes will be, and how often you’ll be able to update your wardrobe. Likewise, not everyone can afford steak and lobster every day, but most of us manage to get enough foods of the right types to meet our minimal nutritional needs. Shelter means more than a roof over one’s head, though. It also implies safety and security. In fact, there’s an ancient principle, incorporated into our modern legal structure, which holds that a person’s home is his or her castle—meaning that no matter how modest, the law recognizes that a person should have the right to security and privacy in his or her own home. It’s the reason our constitution prevents illegal search and seizure without just cause—and a warrant. And while security begins with sturdy doors, windows and locks, it shouldn’t end there. Surprisingly, though, fewer than 20% of homeowners bother to invest in home security systems. That’s curious, because about two million burglaries are reported every year in the United States. And about two-thirds of them involve illegal entry—and theft from—residential properties. Experts estimate that homes with no home security system in place are about 300% more likely to be victimized by this crime than protected homes. Furthermore, only a small fraction of reported home burglaries are “cleared” by police, due to lack of evidence or witnesses. Needless to say, a high-definition video recording—in living color—of a criminal caught in the act of attempting to break into your home is an excellent piece of evidence when it comes to prosecuting such crimes. For that, you need to invest in at least a basic home security surveillance system. Fortunately, these days a suitable home surveillance system featuring high-resolution cameras, nigh vision capability, and video recording equipment, is within the reach of even the most modest homeowner budget. A basic video surveillance system from Q-See, for example, can be installed by you, with no need for expensive installation fees, or recurring monthly monitoring fees. Do-it-yourself surveillance is easier then ever, ensuring the basic human right of security in one’s home.



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