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Garage Security: Home Security Overview

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For many homeowners, a security surveillance system begins and ends with the perimeter of the home’s property. Monitoring all potential points of entry to your vulnerable—and valuable—property is logical. It’s the foundation of any good surveillance system. Most criminals gain access through a ground-floor door or window, so it makes sense to monitor these structures first and foremost. Garage Security Overview

EasyView IP Cameras

But some homeowners see merit in taking things a step further. An affluent homeowner with valuable cars or other property in the garage might wish to install a garage monitor, for instance, to further hedge his bets against theft or vandalism. An EasyView Streaming Wireless IP camera from Q-See is an excellent solution for this particular job. These self-contained digital cameras are easy to install, and with free software loaded on your supported smartphone, it’s a snap to monitor your camera’s feed from afar, at any time of the day or night. Have raccoons been getting into your stored birdseed? Are teens sneaking beers out of your mini-fridge? Find out for sure, with a carefully positioned, unobtrusive camera that sees just as well in daylight as it does in complete darkness. You can even activate your camera’s audio mic for audio feed, should you desire.

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