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HC03_Wordpress HD DIGITAL FNL High definition digital video surveillance cameras from Q-See represent the cream of the crop when it comes to cutting-edge security technology. Several choices are available, but most truly high definition digital cameras will be designated “HD IP”. Examples include 720p HD IP and 1080p HD IP. Cameras are further differentiated by their form and function. The workhorse camera of any system is arguably the fixed-focus bullet camera. Usually featuring a fixed, wide-angle lens, these cameras are intended to be mounted in strategic locations to provide relatively broad-view coverage of vulnerable areas, such as entrances and exits. Thus, an appropriate camera for a back door might be a 720p HD IP Bullet Camera. Customers seeking even greater clarity and depth of detail would probably want to choose a 1080p HD IP Bullet Camera. Other options would include 720p and 1080p HD IP dome and PTZ cameras. With an HD PTZ camera, it’s possible to zoom in on subjects of interest, for even greater clarity and detail. The ability to zoom in and read a distant license plate is one example of what’s possible with this level of video resolution. IP stands for Internet Protocol. When a camera is designated IP, you’ll know it’s a digital camera. This means the camera converts images into digital information before transmitting the information to a nearby Network Video Recorder (NVR). NVRs are basically dedicated recording and storage devices, capable of recording feeds from multiple cameras at a time. Although “analog” and “digital” cameras are both capable of delivering crystal-clear images, many buyers prefer the ease of installation and configuration/reconfiguration that comes with investing in digital, IP cameras. These cameras receive their power from easily installed ethernet cables, so they do not require professional installation by qualified electricians. Specialized cables provide Power Over Ethernet (POE). This ingenious system allows cameras to transmit extremely high bandwidth video information to your NVR without introducing problems associated with wireless transmission, such as local interference with other devices, and degraded video signals.



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