High Definition Hidden Security Cameras

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High Definition Hidden Security Cameras

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Technology has advanced to the point that it’s now possible to hide cameras in plain sight. Once the stuff of fanciful spy movies, hidden surveillance is now available to anyone interested in documenting suspicious activity surreptitiously. And while hidden “spy-cams” may be nothing new, the quality of the video they’re capable of capturing definitely is. These days, it’s possible to hide a camera in plain sight while recording everything that goes on in surprisingly clear high definition. HD Hidden Cameras Whether it’s an innocuous-looking wall or mantel clock, or a shirt button, or a seemingly normal, everyday alarm clock, cameras capable of delivering remarkably crisp high-definition images can now be hidden virtually anywhere, in any ordinary-looking object. Some of these objects are so ordinary, suspects are highly unlikely to give them a second glance. We’re talking about objects such as smoke detectors. Or potted (artificial) plants, eyeglasses, or pens. Even an apparent air freshener can serve as camouflage for a hidden camera. Depending on your budget, choose from 720p or 1080p HD resolution. You can even get hidden cameras that feature night vision capability, so darkness will no longer provide cover for suspected questionable activity. And no one will be the wiser—except you, of course.



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