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These days, many homeowners are choosing to protect their homes, loved ones, and valuable property by installing high definition (HD) video surveillance systems. A high definition system for the home can be as simple or sophisticated as your security needs and budget dictate. At the very least, a smaller home will usually require at least two cameras, to monitor front and back entrances to the property. When connected to a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), your system will be complete.

Choosing between DVR or NVR is determined by the nature of the cameras you will be installing. So-called digital, HD IP cameras, for example, must be networked with an NVR. Analog HD cameras would need to be connected to a DVR with coaxial cables. The larger, and more expensive your home, the more attractive it is to burglars, and the greater the number of potentially vulnerable points of entry. Accordingly, larger properties will require more cameras to provide complete coverage of ground-floor doors, windows, and other potential points of ingress. Once your security perimeter is established, you’ll be able to see potential criminals coming long before they have a chance to gain access.

Investing in high definition cameras, whether analog or digital, may actually save money in the long run, compared to investing in less expensive, lower-resolution cameras. That’s because HD cameras are capable of surveilling more area in greater detail than a lower-resolution camera mounted in the same spot. Add point, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) capability and you gain the flexibility to sweep a given area at will, or zoom in for a closer look when something suspicious catches your eye. With modern HD cameras, it’s now possible to see not only the make of a car parked in front of your house, but you may even be able to zoom in and read the car’s license plate from the safety of your home. Or, with a free monitoring app installed on your internet-connected smartphone or tablet, you can control cameras from anywhere in the world.

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