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HC03_Wordpress HD PICTURE FNL You haven’t watched television on a standard definition monitor since the late 20th century, so why would you want to go backwards when installing your 21st century security surveillance system? With high definition security cameras from Q-See, you get remarkably clear, detailed, full-color images that can be displayed on your computer monitor, smartphone, tablet, or even a home high definition television monitor. Or choose a DVR with integrated LED monitor, for instant viewing, recording, and playback at your leisure. LED monitors are capable of displaying eight or more channels of video input from your cameras, simultaneously. Old closed circuit television (CCTV) security systems were cutting edge in their day. But hazy, indistinct black-and-white images, plagued by jerky movements and fuzzy edges, are now a relic of the past. Modern home or office security surveillance systems are capable of delivering sharp, lifelike images with startling clarity and detail. With high-megapixel, high-definition cameras filming at about 30 frames per second, you’ll get smooth detail-packed live video of action taking place around and within your home or place of business. That kind of surveillance adds an important layer of security to your home or place of business. View feeds in real time, or playback footage at your convenience, on your HD television monitor, smartphone, tablet computer, PC or Mac. Use free apps to monitor and control your feeds and cameras remotely, from anywhere in the world. Old systems could only be viewed on a nearby, local, dedicated, low-resolution monitor. In black and white. But those days are gone. Now you can view your high definition, full-color video feeds anywhere, anytime, with your Internet-connected device and easy-to-use free apps specifically designed to make monitoring your home or office surveillance network a snap.

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