How to Power Up your DVR

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How to Power Up your DVR

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DVR Installation Support Depending on the particular model of digital video recorder (DVR) you own, your unit will probably include a DC (direct current) power adapter than can be plugged into any standard 120V AC outlet. Be sure to use only the adapter supplied with your unit. Most DVRs run on 12 volts DC. Larger units may feature a port for direct AC delivered through a standard power cord from any household outlet. Be sure to make all connections before powering up your system for the first time. Connect cameras to input ports. Connect monitor using appropriate output port (VGA or HDMI). If your DVR uses a mouse for navigation, connect the mouse. Prepare your remote control, if supplied, by checking that batteries are properly seated. Make sure all connections to and from your DVR are secure. Connect your DVR’s power supply. You should see “Power” illuminated on the front of the unit. Your DVR may also display video feed from camera one. Press the MENU button on your DVR’s remote control, or press the STOP/ESC button on the front of the unit. This will open the Control Bar. You will be prompted to login, using your user name and self-selected password. Be sure to set the date and time on your DVR during this initial powering-up phase. This is crucial for full functionality of the system.



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