Introduction: DVR & NVR Video Recorders

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Introduction: DVR & NVR Video Recorders

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HC03_Wordpress INTRO DVR & NVR FNL Old-fashioned closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance systems relied on bulky analog storage media, such as magnetic tape, to store limited amounts of video footage from cameras within the security network. These days, it’s possible to store vastly more information using far less storage space. Today’s recording devices can store many hours of high-resolution imagery, from multiple cameras, for as long as you may require, in easily retrievable digital format. Modern surveillance system recording options come down to two choices: Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR). Whatever you choose, Q-See has your surveillance system solutions. A DVR security system uses a device similar to a home digital video recorder for viewing television programs at one’s convenience. A DVR security system may also be capable of recording audio, should your camera or cameras include microphones for audio pickup. A Network Video Recorder is basically a software program that enables you to recored video feeds from your security cameras in digital format. Images are stored on internal or removable mass storage devices, such as a hard drive, USB flash drive, or SD memory card. Removable media are especially convenient, because they make it easy to store video from a given period for future reference. The primary difference between an NVR and a DVR involves when and how images from security cameras are converted to digital information for processing and storage. IP cameras broadcast video images wirelessly to an NVR. Information from an IP camera is encoded into digital format within the camera itself, before being sent wirelessly to the NVR for storage and eventual retrieval. A DVR encodes incoming video signals after they arrive at the recorder. Input from cameras is usually transmitted over cables, which are connected to the DVR. An NVR system tends to be wireless, and allows for easy remote access and control.



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