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IP HD Cameras

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IP HD cameras from Q-See are among the most flexible options available to consumers. These cameras are truly digital, and their popularity is growing fast. At the same time, sales of older analog cameras are steadily declining. Clearly, IP HD is the wave of the future. IP HD Cameras

Installation Flexibility

Although installation can be a little more challenging than with other system setups, IP HD cameras allow for greater system design flexibility. IP HD cameras are truly digital, in that they directly convert video images into digital signals for streaming to a network video recording (NVR) device, within the camera itself. Some cameras are even capable of processing digital signals into viewable imagery at the source. When equipped with removable storage media, such as SD chips or thumb drives, these cameras can film and store vast amounts of highly detailed images, without the need for transmission of the signal to an NVR first, and subsequent processing. Other IP HD cameras are wired with Cat5 or Cat6 cable; a specialized cable used for ethernet connections and other applications where large amounts of data must be transmitted rapidly over distances up to about 300 feet. This single, common computer cable allows for two-way traffic between the camera and your recorder, while also supplying electricity to power your camera.

Growing Popularity of IP

IP HD cameras are increasingly popular, because their fundamentally different design makes it much easier to transmit higher resolution images, compared to what’s possible with analog-to-digital systems. In most instances, the NVR contains the video surveillance software package that allows you to control your system. This software controls video recording, storage, and any alarms you may choose to activate. This is the core of the system. For best results, we recommend choosing an NVR capable of receiving and processing feeds from multiple cameras, with room for eventual expansion, if needed.

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