Network Video Recorder (NVR) Connection Ports

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Network Video Recorder (NVR) Connection Ports

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HC03_Wordpress Network Video Recorder (NVR) Connection Ports Network Video Recorders (NVRs) from Q-See feature a variety of ports. They allow you to make crucial connections; from your cameras to the NVR, and from your NVR to a nearby monitor. Some models may also feature a port for a mouse, to facilitate system setup and control. Your unit may also feature input/output ports for audio, and a port to connect your unit to the appropriate power source (either 12V DC current, or 120 V standard AC current). Other options may include USB port(s), for external storage device backup, and/or a mouse, and an ethernet port to support a local area network (LAN). More sophisticated units may also feature ports for external motion-detection sensors, PTZ camera(s), and various alarms.

NVR Monitor Ports

Most NVRs have ports that allow you to connect to a VGA, or RCA, monitor. Some may also feature an HDMI port, allowing you to connect to an HD television monitor with HDMI cable. VGA ports are appropriate for connecting to a monitor 19-inches or larger. Smaller monitors may be connected using a BNC port. BNC stands for Bayonet Neill-Concelman. It’s a type of small, standardized, quick-connect/release connector for radio frequency connections with coaxial cables. Many cameras feature these standardized connection ports. BNC ports support both conventional and SDI components. Other systems may feature Power Over Ethernet (POE) ports, for IP (digital) cameras.



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