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NVR Hard Drive Storage Capacity

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NVR Hard Drive Storage Capacity

2TB+ Storage Capacity

Network Video Recorders (NVRs) from Q-See feature at least 2 terabytes (TB) of hard drive (HDD) storage space. Larger units may ship with as much as 4TB of storage capacity. Many larger models from Q-See also allow for the expansion of this available storage space by adding, or swapping out, internal hard drives. Larger models may accommodate up to 24 TB of internal storage for recording of your video feed(s). One TB is equal to 1,000 GB. Q-See NVRs also typically feature USB port(s) for convenient connection of external hard drives. Some units may also allow for the use of removable storage media, such as micro SD cards and/or thumb drives. NVRs work with digital (IP) cameras, and these cameras often feature ports on the cameras themselves for portable storage media.

NVR Storage Conservation Methods

To conserve hard drive storage space, consider configuring your NVR to record only in response to motion. More sophisticated NVRs provide ports for the connection of motion detectors, which can trigger recording at your discretion. Keep in mind that recording at higher resolutions and/or frame rates takes up considerably more space than recording at lower resolutions. To conserve space, you may wish to configure your unit to record at lower resolutions. Some larger NVRs, capable of supporting 16 or more cameras at once, come with 4TB of storage. These larger units typically support the installation of additional hard drives, allowing you to expand your NVRs storage capacity to 24TB, using four 6-TB HDDs.
NVR Hard Drive Storage Capacity



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