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NVR Resolution

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NVR Resolution Digital (IP) cameras from Q-See are typically capable of producing digital video files with either 720p or 1080p HD resolution. Some newer digital cameras feature 3 megapixels (MP), or more. For example, a 4 MP camera delivers video with even higher resolution than 1080p. Video image clarity and detail are a function of the number of pixels in a given viewing area. The greater the number of pixels, the better the resolution. Household high definition (HDTV) sets typically deliver 1080p HD, provided the program being viewed was filmed at this higher resolution.

High Resolution Has a Cost

But, of course, all that extra detail—made possible by all those extra pixels—means a given HD video file contains proportionally more information than video filmed at lower resolution. Accordingly, these files are quite large. Recording in HD takes considerably more storage space than recording at lower resolutions. Frame rate is another factor that affects image quality. In order to be perceived as smooth and natural looking, the human eye requires images delivered at about 30 frames per second. Any less, and moving images will appear jerky and unnatural. Due to bandwidth constraints, IP cameras connected using direct ethernet connections to the NVR will provide smoother looking video than cameras broadcasting wirelessly.



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