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Overview: BNC HD Cameras

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A BNC HD camera for your home security surveillance network is an excellent choice, especially for a homeowner interested in upgrading an existing, analog camera network. Perhaps your old system features relatively low-resolution video surveillance cameras that you’d like to upgrade to crystal-clear high definition. With a BNC HD camera from Q-See, it’s a snap. Literally. BNC connectors, which are a standard used throughout the industry for analog cameras, work with appropriate cables capable of connecting your new cameras to an existing digital video recorder (DVR) (check compatibility first). BNC HD Cameras

BNC Connectors

BNC, or Bayonet Neill-Concelman connectors, allow you to easily connect cameras to cables, which can then be connected to a controlling DVR. These quick-connect/release connectors made changing out cameras a snap. Just insert, and twist one-quarter turn, to lock things in place. Choose from among bullet, dome, or PTZ (point, tilt, zoom) cameras from Q-See to complete your system upgrade. Newer BNC HD analog cameras are capable of delivering crisp, clear full-color images you might only expect to see coming from newer, more expensive digital cameras. Most also come with built-in infrared LED lamps, and IR cut filter, for seamless switching to night vision mode after dark.

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